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Athens, Greece | Established. Jan 01, 2016

Athens, Greece
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Pop Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



""THE WHOLE THING IS HUGELY INTRIGUING” - "Before It's Too Late" review"

The track at first strikes as something that will be primarily if not entirely instrumental. The extended synth sound unfolds immediately like a comforting wall of audio, but as the vocal comes into play, with its gentle nature and emotional undertones, something much bigger begins to emerge.

The trip-hop ambiance is beautiful, and the voice on top of this is so gorgeously performed and has such unusual and interesting lines to present, that all in all the song just leaves you hanging on every moment and every note with massive anticipation. The development of the music is blissful, unpredictable, but quite clearly structured flawlessly so as to completely swallow you and remove you from your current world.

The thickness of the hook section at about three minutes and fifty seconds in is greatly unexpected, but exciting, and somehow fitting - it's all very surprising, constantly keeping you on your toes, yet it still all seems to make perfect sense. The emotion in that leading vocal is definitely something that drives the heart of the song further into your consciousness as you listen. Without this, the effect would perhaps be less striking. The lyrics are thought provoking, and the raw feeling evident in that performance is compelling. The music itself is beautifully and creatively mixed as well, so it really makes for a unique and enjoyable few minutes of music.

The prospect of more music and art from Taff is likely to appeal to listeners. There's so much to love about it, and when all is said and done - the track is a high quality example of real and effective escapism. You can lose yourself to the sound and the words, and that's music at its very best. - Exposed Vocals


Before It's Too Late (Digital Single)



Taff is an emerging synthpop/indiepop project created by Greek songwriter, director and editor George Tsirogiannis. His debut single "Before It's Too Late" is a song driven by synthesizer sounds and a slow pace that builds up to a sonic explosion in the bridge, with the lyrics drawing a parallel between meeting a new lover and starting a war. It was released independently on November 18, 2016 on all major platforms.

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