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Chicago, Illinois, United States | INDIE

Chicago, Illinois, United States | INDIE
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"From The People Who Count …"

Critical Acclaim For Tafoya’s Lost Boyzz
From The People Who Count …
People Like You and I …
The The Music Lovers!
Fan Submissions From www.tafoyaslostboyzz.com

“I can't believe after all these years, (since 7th rockproductions@msn.com
grade) and learning Gloria and Satisfaction in a
basement with Mike That he is a Master on the guitar
and it shows on every song on his Life CD. The Lost
Boyzz are a Great band! Mike is overflowing with
melodic guitar riffs very pleasing to the ears. Erik
and Chris are a fantastic blend with Mike. The more I
hear this CD The more it grows on me. Great Job
Guys, I'm very impressed with this great sounding
CD Life!” - Crystal Lake, IL.

“Wanted to share a few comments on the new album
titled Tafoya's Lost Boyzz...LIFE. This CD is both
versatile, melodic, harmonic, radical, and a new
genre of music for today and tomorrow. The music
demonstrates a classically trained artist that meets
the world of rock. This CD is sure to please ALL
ages. The professional mix and big sound blends
years of experience with lyrics of deep emotion
about the LIFE of Tafoya.
I would recommend that you listen to the music
the first time through and then really listen to the
words the second, third, fourth.....This one will stay
in your player for a long time!
Great success to you Mike and I am looking
forward to seeing your show. Keep on rockin'“
- Naperville, IL

“Wow, What a CD. I think its Blues then it Rocks out.
First the Boyzz then the B'zz now this. Excellent!!!!!!!
Can't wait to see them live.” - Springfield, IL
“Hell yeah man! I'm diggin the tunes...very original
sound!” – Parts Unknown

“Mike, It was good to see you at blues fest after all
these years. You and Dave must have been busy as
B'zz making this CD because it's a real winner. I was
impressed with the excellent harmonies on "Crystal
Morning". It's refreshing to hear a great power trio
again. Wisdom and experience have kept you on top
of the game. I hope CBS is listening.”
- Hammond, IN

“Best album I have heard in a long, long time. Every
song is solid, and this is an album that stays true to
rock and roll. Excellent stuff, very creative. I love it,
and can not stop playing it. It is definitely a must
have CD.” - Kankakee, IL

“The CD sounds AWESOME! From the good old
fashioned heart pounding, rock and roll sound of the
Boyzz to the smoking blues on the Chicago scene
to the clean crisp fretwork over a Latin beat. This
CD has it all, and then some. The band brings an
undeniable modern tone to a tried and true sound,
keeping the music on the cutting edge. Great job
guys!” - Chicago, IL

“Listened and like! I'm no critic, and may or not be
an esoteric. I've seen you solo, and a couple of times
with Eric and Chris. I think you guy's rock. I'll
continue to come to the shows til you start to suck
or play country ballads.” - Elmhurst, IL
“I just got the CD today ! The Lost Boys CD rocks!
It's rare that I really like something new the first
time I hear it.” – Alamosa, CO - www.tafoyaslostboyzz.com

"Tafoya's Lost Boyzz..Chicago Favorite/Chicago Italian"

As stated here many times my major music influence was Chicago Rock from the mid 70's to the present,And after working 100's and hundreds of concerts at the Rosemont Horizon (now the Allstate Arena) for the Teamsters Union for 18 trs I have seen my share of music, Now to some of the best of my era, 1st The Boyzz from Illinoizz were our forth right favorites,Honestly seeing at least 500-700 of there shows, which led to a friendship very close with these local heroes, Alomg with bands like The Hounds, Holland,Pezband, The Kind,Chicago was flooded with killer music, As the Boyzz disbanded they broke into some very awesome bands such as Deluxery,Dirts Raiders, The B'zz all of which had that hard Chicago rock sound so loved by this city, Now many years later the verrry talented Michael Tafoya,Who rocked like no other and truly one of the most underrated guitarist in the rock world, Now Mr Tafoya and his Lost Boyzz have unleased a new round of that rock and showmanship only a showman like Mike Tafoya can provide!!!! Hope you enjoy this Bio and if in Chicago dont miss this Rock Legend live!!!!!!!!! Thanks Chicago Mike

With an old school, "now sound", a bump-and-grind feel, and a roadhouse zest Tafoya's Lost Boyzz captures and tickles the happy bone in everyone's heart.

Michael Tafoya - Guitar and Vocals

First gained international attention with Epic recording artists, "The Boyzz from Illinoizz", with Dirty Dan Buck and company, releasing their album "Too Wild To Tame" (Epic Records). In the search of greener, creative pastures, Michael forms "The B'zz", also Epic recording artists. "The B'zz", featuring Tommy Holland (Holland "Wake Up The Neighborhood"), Steve Riley, (W.A.S.P. and L.A. Guns), Dave Angel, (The Boyzz) and Anatoly Halincovich, (a.k.a. Tony Hall) (The Boyzz, "America's Most Wanted"), went on to make an appearance on Dick Clark's American Bandstand, making history being the only unsigned act to perform in the show's 35 year run. Then, filmed a video for MTV, "Get Up, Get Angry", toured the country, all while writing music prolifically.

Michael went on later to form his own "Tafoya" band, which evolved into "Raw Dogs" (again with Tommy Holland). He as been rock and rolling for decades with nothing in his bones to slow his creative flow!

Chis McCoy - Drums and Vocals

Chris' life is a true, made for T.V. rock and roll story.

Chris was conceived in the back seat of a '68 Chevy, near Notre Dame University, in LaPorte, Indiana. His father, Terry W., played drums and Uncle Al, played accordion and then guitar professionally for the "Rockin' Riveria's". They scored the MEGA-SURF hit "California Sun", (co-penned by Uncle Al).

Chris has been holding drum sticks since he was able to grab them and actually started learning the drums at 10 and then began rocking at 14 with his first "very own" drum kit from his pop. And, the rest you got itis history!

Erik Osland - Bass and Vocals

Erik started playing Bass at age 7 and by 12 he was playing in various Lake County clubs with his father. He eventually picked up drums and guitar as well.

Erik has played with various local bands, promoted teen concerts and has a recording and sound reinforcement business ("Gadjet Productions"),

This outfit is definitely a diverse bunch, just like the music they play. Also just like the music they converge into a single point of view. Big sound, hip shaking, visually formidable, and zesty old school "now" sound. Michael's search led to

The band has a sound that's been decribed as "two to the mule" like they have six members rather than three players.
Due for release Soon!!!
- Chicago Italians

"CD REVIEW: Lost Boyzz rock hard in retro guitar groove"

CD REVIEW: Lost Boyzz rock hard in retro guitar groove

By Diana Nollen, SourceMedia Group

Tafoya’s Lost Boyzz are kickin’ it old school, with plenty of sizzle and crunch from Mike Tafoya’s blazing guitar.

I got a taste of the Chicago band’s power punch from an EP with six cuts off the “Life” CD. All were terrific, immediately evoking hard edges from the late ’60s and early ’70s while still sounding hot enough to entice baby boomers’ babies.

“Crystal Morning” infuses lovely vocal harmonies over a gentle beginning reminiscent of Tommy James and the Shondells’ “Crystal Blue Persuasion.” Tafoya soon shatters that mood with some ripping guitar riffs.

“Outside My Window” continues the wicked guitar work, sounding like a storm is brewing outside that window.

“Drive By/Sturgis” peels off in a most unexpected direction, with Spanish guitar lines wrapped around bits of “Fly Me to the Moon” and something akin to “Hotel California.”

The final three tracks get back to Tafoya’s signature intricate, screaming guitar licks. “Get Up Get Down” channels Ted Nugent, while “Hammerhead” gets its bite from electronic distortion, spoken lyrics and crunching guitar a la Alice Cooper.

“Boogie with Me” brings it all home as the wild work settles into a bluesy groove.

Throughout, the Lost Boyzz lay down a solid foundation in percussion and bass to withstand Tafoya’s hard-rocking leaps and bounds.

Check it out Saturday night, (7/10/10) when the band lands at Cedar River Landing in Cedar Rapids.
- Eastern Iowa Life

"Indian Larry, Tafoya and the Muse"

Archive for Chicago Biker Bars



Indian Larry

Legendary rocker Michael Tafoya claims to be in the Muse. Perhaps he’s discovered a connection to the ancient Greeks and the young nymphs who presided over the eloquent arts of poetry and music. Muse were the daughters of Zues and Mnemosyne (which shouldn’t be too difficult to pronounce for Wisconsin readers from Manitowoo or Mukwonago). Taken literally it would mean he was in any one of the virginal daughters of the Greek Gods, but most contemporary folk prefer to think of the Muse as a sublime spirit, a source of genius, a moment of inspiration. Almost every artist, writer, poet, musician at one time or other, seeks the Muse. Think of it this way; Discovery Channel’s OCC boys occasionally seek the Muse for inspiration, but a lot of what they build is determined by corporate considerations. Still, OCC’s Paul Jr. has had some very inspired moments, but they appear to be based on availability of advertising dollars. Contrast that with Indian Larry who lived his whole life in the Muse. Larry’s every moment – awake or asleep embraced that vast biker ethos. He appeared shrouded in it. That awe inspired aura swirled about Indian Larry from the back alley to center stage. Even his death, while precariously poised upon a motorcycle, is testament to his devotion to a life throttled to the max. Who among us hasn’t contemplated our own mortality? How many decrepit old codgers laid out on their death beds don’t wish for that one last free ride, to blast into the glorious blaze of eternity? You’ve heard the saying, ‘I want to die laughing like my grandfather, not screaming like the passengers in his car.’ So as I describe Michael Tafoya’s relation to rock and roll, you’ll understand where this is headed.

Living in the Muse is fantastic for the artistic quest but tends to wreak havoc with any other element in one’s life – like relationships, jobs, rent. Also, the general populace may not recognize an artist’s talent no matter how steeped in the Muse. A few years ago at Sturgis, I happened upon the OCC booth as it was being erected and a crowd flocked eagerly seeking autographs. At that very moment, I spied Indian Larry slipping past unnoticed. Most likely the way Larry preferred. At the OCC booth was Vinny, an accomplished mechanic and the young pup, Cody, the apprentice. Both cool dudes. But seriously, who would you rather gave props to? Hell, I can go congratulate my own damn mechanic and not stand in line. Especially with one of the truly great builders of all time right there. Indian Larry was old school but he wasn’t old fashioned. Legendary rocker Michael Tafoya is more akin to Indian Larry or Billy Lane than the corporate shills who flout a few superficial skills. Tafoya is the real deal.

I first heard Tafoya when he was in the band ‘The Boyzz.’ Of course, on tour their

Indian Larry

road name was ‘The Boyzz from Illinoiz.’ If you lived in northern Illinois or Southern Wisconsin back in the mid seventies and were into motorcycles and music, it’s virtually impossible to have not heard of the Boyzz from Illinoiz. Their album cover (that’s right, black vinyl ‘Too Wild to Tame’ also released on 8-track) featured a quasi Marlon Brando type pose by one of the band members astride a bagger in what looked to be a deserted mining town, but actually was main street Dundee. The Boyzz played at places like the Edgewater in Twin Lakes, Hooker Lake in Salem, the Brat Stop and Rocket North. Tafoya’s next band was the B’zz featuring Tom Holland from Steppenwolf and also Steve Riley who played with LA Guns. They were the only unsigned act to ever play on American Bandstand. Tafoya went to work as Regional Sales Manager for Gibson guitars. He never strayed from music, kept working on his chops and continued to hone his virtuoso skills. As time passed, a lot of the 70’s bands started to resurrect themselves on the oldies circuit to cash in on their earlier fame. But this easy route didn’t sit well with Tafoya. He wanted to create a fresh sound, to breathe a new life into a new band, and like Indian Larry, Tafoya is old school but not old fashioned. He still pays tribute to his roots, but he does it as sincere homage, not to make a quick buck off of nostalgia – think of a guy who assembles bikes with store bought parts as opposed to the artist who fabricates his own. Tafoya creates his own. The band Tafoya’s Lost Boyzz consists of Chris McCoy on drums and Brad Barrett on bass, and has just completed work on a ten song CD called ‘Life.’

Listen, Tafoya is not American Idol material, no way shape or form. It’s pure and from the heart. No phony gimmicks litter the aural landscape. Tafoya’s been down the road to perdition and back, a survivor. Listening to the title track, I laugh aloud, the same spontaneous joy I feel when riding the highway and all worldly cares fade away in the face of God’s own breath brushing against my cheeks. Track 8 ‘Sturgis’ - Chiago Biker Bars

"Tafoya"s Lost Boyzz"

Music Notes: Tafoya’s Lost Boyzz

THE TALENT: Michael Tafoya (guitar, vocals), Chris McCoy (drums, vocals), Brad Barrett (bass, vocals)
THE SOUND: New classic rock
THE GIG: 9 p.m., Saturday, July 10, at Cedar River Landing, 301 F Ave. NW, Cedar Rapids
THE REST OF THE STORY: www.tafoyaslostboyzz.com; www.myspace.com/tafoyaslostboyzz and on Facebook
Tafoya’s Lost Boyzz are bringing their show to town. After getting their start in Chicago eight years ago, this three-piece rock band has got an old-school sound with a bump and grind feel. We sat down with guitarist and singer Michael Tafoya to learn more.

What’s a first time visitor to your show going to see?
Well, we don’t have a frontman telling dirty jokes and berating the crowd. We simply rock the room with songs that jam and with cool solos to boot. We play a whole slew of the Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac things including their covers of old rock and blues tunes. Plus an assortment of other classic type rock songs done our way.

How did you get together?
I was looking to put a band together with a song mix and sound that I heard in my head. So I started to go to these open mic things and found Chris in 2002. We started to work on the types of things I felt were needed to make this particular sound. Then Brad joined us just a couple of years ago.

You have musical backgrounds?
I played guitar for The Boyzz through the mid to late 1970s. We toured or played with the likes of Rush, Aerosmith, U.F.O., R.E.O., Judas Priest, J. Geils band and other assorted rock acts from the 70s. Chris and Brad played for other local bands throughout the area.

Where do you play these days?
We play all over the map — any events where people love to rock! Because that’s what we love and are there to do — rock! When we rock and the audiences digs it, it just makes us want to rock all the harder.
- Hoopla

"Tafoya’s Lost Boyzz Preview"

Tafoya’s Lost Boyzz preview

ilentertainer | Aug 01, 2007 | Comments 4

Tafoya’s Lost Boyzz
Champs, Burbank
Friday, August 3, 2007

Chicago, 1979. Jane Byrne was mayor, the drinking age was 19, and The Boyzz from Illinois were the shit. Chicago was a scary place and the Boyzz were even scarier. A loud, bluesy biker band from the ‘burbs who were gonna be huge. It didn’t happen. Their Epic debut had all the right ingredients for a great boogie rock record: dueling guitars, big horns, menacing vocals. They were conquering heroes to Midwest crowds, but world domination didn’t occur. Mayor Byrne lost to Harold, and the Boyzz became the B’zz. It wasn’t quite the same.

Nearly 20 years later, Mike Tafoya — guitarist from the original Boyzz — is blazing the same trails he did as a kid, but with a more mature, reflective spirit. Life, his first recorded music in a decade, pairs him with a couple of new bandmates — Chris McCoy (drums) and Erik Osland (bass) — who don’t quite posses the same maniacal energy as the Boyzz, yet still complement Tafoya’s playing. The Lost Boyzz continue to carry a torch for Southern biker rock with “Spread Your Love Around” and “Boogie With Me” as their new signature tunes. Expect to hear some Boyzz (“Too Wild To Tame”) and B’zz (“Get Up, Get Angry”) classics along the way.

– David Gedge
- Illinois Entertainer

"New band on the rock n roll scene. Tafoya's Lost Boyzz, featuring guitarist Mike Tafoya, from the Boyzz and the B'zz!!!!!!?!!!!!"

New band on the rock n roll scene. Tafoya's Lost Boyzz, featuring guitarist Mike Tafoya, from the Boyzz and the B'zz!!!!!!

A rock n roll warrior is back on the scene, with his first recorded music in more than a decade. Tafoya's Lost Boyzz features guitarist Mike Tafoya. You may remember Mike from his days with the Boyzz from Illinoizz in the 70's. They were the biggest band in the midwest at that time and toured with bands such asAerosmith, Judas Priest, UFO, and Rush. Then in the 80's, he decided to form a new band titled "The B'zz" with lead singer Tommy Holland (Holland, Wake up the neighborhood) and drummerSteve Riley (W.A.S.P. and L.A. Guns). They released the album "Get Up" which was produced by Tom Werman (Cheap Trick, Motley Crue).

Check outthe website at ................



Steve Ryan (Promotions manager)
- The House of Hair With Dee Snider

"Tafoya's Lost Boyzz "Life" Album Review"

Tafoya's Lost Boyzz


Review by Greg Olma

Michael Tafoya has been a part of the musical landscape around Chicago since the mid-70’s. Starting with the Boyzz, moving to the B’zz, and now fronting Tafoya’s Lost Boyzz, Mike Tafoya has always kept true to good old fashioned rock. I know that there are a lot of retro bands out there but few can boast a collection of solid songs like these guys. They have taken the best elements from 70’s rock and put them all together in this 10 song CD. Michael Tafoya might stand out on this record with his fluid, melodic guitar leads but both Chris McCoy (drums) and Erik Osland (bass) lay a solid foundation, giving the “power” to this power trio. If you are like me and like your rock in the vein of Foghat, Rush, Ted Nugent, and Frank Marino to name a few, then this is a must buy. You can either get this CD from the band on their website www.tafoyaslostboyzz.com or from www.cdbaby.com

Spread Your Love Around
Although musically this cut has a lot going for it, the vocals kind of ruin it for me. The song itself has a 70’s rock vibe but the vocals almost have a late 60’s thing that just seems out of place. It’s a shame that this is the first song because there are much better tunes on this CD.

Crystal Morning
This starts off with a bit of 70’s Styx but builds into a plodding rock tune. The band put in some great vocal harmonies that really lift this song. They should have opened with this cut.

Get Up, Get Down
The chorus gets a little repetitive but all in all, this is a potent rocker played in the tradition of other great power trios like Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush and Ted Nugent (first LP).

This ballad reminds me of “Beyond The Realms Of Death” by Judas Priest. It’s one of my favorite tracks on the CD and the guitar playing is top notch.

Long Time Ago
The vocal delivery and guitar work have a 70’s rock sound that is like Frank Marino mixed with Rush. This stuff may have a retro sound but all of it is played really well and they take the best elements from that era and drive it home.

Boogie With Me
Just as the title suggests, this is a boogie rocker that moves along quite nicely. It has some Status Quo in there with maybe a little Foghat but most of all, it is a boogie tune that makes you want to get up and get moving. This would make a great encore.

Hammer Head
This is a Kiss rocker (Gene Simmons style) with some BOC thrown in for good measure. It is another winner off the disc and shows how you can write good hard rock tunes and still be melodic. If this was released in the 70’s, it would be considered one of the heaviest things around.

Outside My Window
Here is another boogie rocker that has a really catchy riff. Although “Boogie With Me” is slightly better, this comes as a close second. These guys seem to be able to pull this stuff off without sounding dated.

Drive By / Sturgis
Although I thought this was an instrumental, about halfway through we get some vocals, it is one of the best tunes here. The start (I guess the “Drive By” part) has a very jazzy Santana feel but the “Sturgis” part has a slightly different vibe going for it that I just can’t put my finger on. The guitar work here is awesome and definitely should get them some attention.

Over Now
Here is a blues tune that has a little Rush and Triumph in there. It has a smokey bar band feel and it serves as a really great way to end the disc. Even though the CD started a little shaky, it certainly worked its way into something special.

- Music Street Journal


Tafoya's Lost Boyzz - "Life" - www.ravesongrecords.com



Tafoya's Lost Boyzz features two time Epic recording artist Mike Tafoya on guitar. Mike, formally of the Boyzz From Illiniozz and the B'zz ,(Epic Records) has toured nationally with the likes of Aerosmith, Rush, Ted Nugent, REO Speedwagon, Judas Priest, UFO, and Cheap Trick in the height of their popularity, just to name a few. He has performed on Dick Clark's "American Bandstand" and on MTV. The Boyzz From Illiniozz were Ted Nugent's mother's ("Ma Nugent") favorite band! She told Mike that he reminded her very much of Ted performing on stage. Quite a nice compliment!

Today, Mike is fronting Tafoya's Lost Boyzz. A killer three piece hard rock/heavy metal outfit that traces their roots back to the 70's and 80's. Mike is just a dynamo on stage! A true guitar hero, and he just owns the stage with killer guitar histrionics, charisma, and energy, seemingly endless. His rhythm section follows him along like a mountain road race at high speed! Their always right behind him, in the pocket!

Tafoya's Lost Boyzz would be very interested in performing your fine venue or event! You can check out Tafoya's Lost Boyzzs at www.myspace.com/?tafoyaslostboyzz and www.tafoyaslostboyzz.com for live videos, recordings, dates, and news. I (Rock Productions, Tafoya's Lost Boyzz booking agent) can also send you a promo pack with CD via snail mail. Please give me your name and address if interested in the promo pack.

Special note:

Please check out the links at the bottom of this page for some great Tafoya's Lost Boyzz, LIVE videos on Youtube. From their fans!