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TAG brings a dynamic show like none other fueled by Faith, Love, and energy. This group is sure to leave you changed.Vocalist Mark Johnson brings a message with the show that impacts all listeners.


TAG means This Anointed Generation and that is what TAG stands for. Mark Johnson was a troubled teen growing up in Northern Virginia. After being kick out every middle school and alternative school Mark was on a road to destruction. Mark found himself incarcerated for 13 months in Richmond's Correctional facility where he turned his life around. Mark began making music that impacts his listeners and relating to those that has gone through his same lifestyle and trials. TAG has opened up for national artist such as P.O.D., Brian Headwelch (KORN), Decyfer Down, Luminate, Disciple and more. TAG's music is an emerging sound sure to reach the ears of many.


Sounds Of Love EP
Hit Single "Don't Go''