Tage Plantell

Tage Plantell

 Denver, Colorado, USA

Honest lyrics and memorable melodies that mix rock, folk, alternative and country.


Influences:Chet Atkins, David Garza, M. Ward, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, ABBA, Spike Jonze, Michael Jackson, Muse,

Band Interests:Music, good films, great stories, open-minded people, visual art, great unsigned artists

In 2007, after several years of writing and performing with the critically acclaimed Colorado-based band, On Second Thought, Tage Plantell chose to move into the solitude of the mountains to write and record a new batch of tunes for his solo project. Before returning to Denver, he single-handedly recorded, produced and performed every instrument for the new songs that he recorded for Words and Music by Tage Plantell.

Tage’s music has been featured on Boulder based KBCO radio, The WB, Fox television’s Party of Five, Warren Miller TV, Red Robin Commercials and very recently, the music video for Don’t Worry About Me -that Tage himself directed- has been a staple on HDnet’s Music Discovery Program. Tage has shared the bill with many national acts such as Darius Rucker, Fastball, Vertical Horizon, Guster, David Garza, Bob Schneider, The Samples, Issac Slade of The Fray, and many others. (read less


Two Weeks

Written By: Tage Plantell

It must be long distance wires
that wraps your voice up for miles.
It'd be nice to hear from you it's been 4 days.
Why did you run away and leave no words to explain?
I turned and there you weren't, you were gone.
I hope that you're safe now that you've taken my heart away, cause someday I'll want you to bring it back.
Although we're not agreeing, I'd say it's you that I'm still seeing, so I'll see you soon, real soon, real soon we'll see.

Because to quit you've got to give two weeks.
To quit you've got to give two weeks.

Now when you said you've changed
I thought what you meant to say
Is that you were placing all your fears behind you.
But then to my dismay
I found what you did not say
is that what you taking off with some guy beside you.
I know that you're leaving but I'm sitting here believin' that you'll be coming home to me.

You might ask why I wait for her
although I know there's something wrong?
But, once upon a time she swore to me that she's never leave me long.

Are we through cause I'm still not over you
And I'm sitting here believin you'll be back for me.

Don't Worry About Me

Written By: Tage Plantell

Well I’m doing alright and that’s OK
cause I’m living my life, in a whole new way
I’ve got my job and at 6 o’clock then I’m done
I don’t need big money or a fancy a house
I’m not looking for direction so no need to know the route
I’ve got a 401K waiting for me at the end
I’m making my own meals each and every day
Saving up some money to just get away
I’m doing the best that I’ve ever done
So no need to worry I’m doing just fine
If I need some help call you in some time
So until then, don’t you worry about me.
Don’t worry about me
I end up working 40 each and ever week
Then there’s time and a half and that’s real neat
But mostly there’s no reason to indulge
2 hours of vacation with each pay stub
middle management is a bitch and that’s the rub
but I feel the weekend it’s coming soon
Well the Christmas party it’s real fun
But it’s 9 more months till we have another one
We can drink ourselves silly on the company tab
I’m not doing what I hoped I be doing with my life
Soon I’ll settle down and find me a wife
So remember, don’t worry about me.
Don’t worry about me
If someday I find myself in trouble
I’ll let you know what you can do
If someday I find myself in double
I’d appreciate you getting me through
Don’t worry about me

Goodbye My Love

Written By: Tage Plantell

He sees her number on his phone
Message reads, “I’m in town just so you’d know”
In flash it all comes back
His heart is racing and his knees go slack
Stirs up some questions to feel this way
To meet with her now it’d be hard not to stay
So the best thing he could do for her now is not call
He found some postcards that she wrote
In a drawer under some other notes
One from everywhere she’d go
Most romantic words that he had known
A comfort in letters that he had kept
He hadn’t found better ones to replace them yet
But there in front of him were only reminders of the past
So goodbye my lover goodbye my friend
It hurts like hell but I’ll never see you again
I’ll still think about you now and then
She still sits and waits for him
While he’s a dreamer after another whim
Although she’s always on his mind
He projects into the future of some other time
He wants one dream in life to some true
Her plans with him they all fell through
He knows the best thing for him to do is not call
Goodbye my lover goodbye my friend
It hurts like hell but I’ll never see you again
I’ll still think about you now and then
New wounds hurt worst, but time heals the past
He’s not the first and she’s not the last
And I know it aint easy for either part
Forever reminders that are there in your heart
Goodbye my lover good bye my friend
It hurts like hell but I’ll never see you again
I’ll still think about you now and then

You're Looking So Lovely

Written By: Tage Plantell

A simple picture wouldn’t have made it any more clear to see
That your glance would never be disturbed for anyone like me
To give up wasn’t an option, common ground I had to find
Determined to make it work, I wasn’t gonna miss out this time
You’re looking so lovely and you aren’t even trying
I feel that I’ve made it to heaven but I’m so far from dying
Now I hold your body as you fall to sleep
I hear your heart and I feel you breathe
I lean into your neck
I press against your spine
When I whisper I love you baby
Rest well knowing that you’re mine
I like the way you make me feel oh so good too
It’s the many little things that make me love you
A tingle in my skin when our bodies collide
I know what you mean when you say “I like you times 5”
When you feel it in your tummy and everything is strange
You know that “someday” is here and it’s all about to change
One thing is for certain and it’s you that I adore
So follow your heart and open up to what’s yours
Now that all is well I’ve seen what fate has brought
I’ve reached for the stars and now it’s you that I’ve got
Another new morning, I see your face again
Today is the day I make you more than just my best friend

I Told You So

Written By: Tage Plantell

And it’s true, that your girl is going out with him
In the nude, she’s posing for the camera again
And it’s cruel
After all you do
To say…
That she’s traded you in
Get a clue, you expect that someday soon she’ll just come back
Well it was you, you were the first to step out on her behind her back
Am I getting through
What am I to do
Now that…
She’s traded you in
I’m sure that you’d like to
Punch him in the face
But now you got what you deserve
And now she’s put you in your place
What can I say
I told you so
Please not again, I listen to your whining all the time
I’m still your friend, but are you picking up on any of these signs
Time to move on...
Now that she’s gone
She’s traded you in


Words and Music by Tage Plantell 2010 - Full Album
Two Weeks 2010 - Single

Set List

1. Two Weeks
2. 11:27
3. Chocolate Rock
4. If You Were Here
5. All I Want
6. Love
7. Where will You Go?
8. Worst Month
9. Don't Know if I Could (Ever Live Without You)
10. My Dying Words
11. I Told You So
12. Goodbye My Love
13. Don't Worry About Me
14. If You Were Here
15. Sleep Tight

16. Close My Eyes -Matisyahu Cover-