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Taheem Jamaal

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Unforgettable ground breaking spoken word poetry performed by an artist who exudes humility and a professional demeanor.


This spoken word artist began writing in November 2001 shortly after completing a 180 degree turn in life after moving to Virginia from Daytona Beach, FL where he attended Bethune-Cookman College. This 180 degree turn was due to a new found relationship with God through Jesus Christ and he would not describe it as anything less than divine intervention. Taheem did not perform any of his work until May 04' when he finally ventured out to Twisted Tongue @ Alice Mae's Soulfood Cafe. Unexpectedly, he heard some of the hottest performers in the area including godchild the omen and Queen Sheba, who both inspired and encouraged him to continue to write and perform poetry and he has done just that. Although he was given the name "Hi Def" after a recent performance in Hampton, VA, he still remains simply Taheem Jamaal. Recognized as one of the premier poets on the VA poetry circuit; he continues to walk in humilty, expand the versatility of his craft, and move crowds to tears. After winning several slams in 2005 from Norfolk to New York; he began branching out to feature at various venues from TX to the genesis of spoken word for Taheem: VA. At the tender age of 24, this wordsmith has embraced spoken word as a new found love, so continue to watch closely to see exactly where poetry takes him. His debut album Anger Management, released on July 7th 2006, is a fusion of hip hop, a'capella, soul, and spoken word versatility. Taheem is available for features, hosting, workshops, church services, community services, and will occasionally update your resume (seriously). Keep him in your prayers and he will continue to glorify God not only through performance poetry but through his lifestyle.

Taheem has won several slams, featured in venues in various parts of the US, and has taught and performed his original poetry in churches, public schools, and alternative schools alike.


Textual Healing

Written By: Taheem Jamaal

She told me she’s lonely
because her dreams were locked up in the ghetto and
it all sounds like akon-voluted situation,
facing depression, though she’s not from Arkansas she’s thinking about getting a little rock like Chris from New Jack City,
but even Pookie died in the middle of the movie,
looking directly into her eyes I saw Uhaul and Ryder because her tears moved me, so
I take this time to put my commentary regarding social issues on pause,
giving political haiku hiatus all because she asked me to write her a motivational poem that speaks to her soul,
something that converts the tablets of her heart into gel caps, making tragedy seem easier to swallow whole than crushed dreams
served with orange juice on plastic spoons; she’s never tasted silver,
so she asked the poet to deliver a blissful vibe like classic tunes sang by the whispers, Marvin Gaye even,
she used to go out to parties and stand around, but what’s going on now is a necessity for much more than sexual healing,
this is textual healing,
these are Microsoft words used to move hard burdens, narrow the tabs of marginal pain, and break pages of sorrow down into overrated paragraphs no matter the size of the font,
or should I say problem?
Could I be bold enough to promise her that if I can’t solve them I’ll at least italicize the underlying pain?
somebody please, let her know that the exact same afflictions are being accomplished in her brethren throughout the world,
Baby girl, you don’t have to be an intellectual to understand that this is textual
healing wounded wombs sending personal demons screaming for mercy
as we’re learning to cast all our cares upon Him.
Who is God,
Who? I am
directly connected to thanks to daily prayers, resurrection, plus the promise of Abraham,
and one of the greatest miracles performed proved that even when you’re in danger of shipwreck and being tossed over rough waters you still have the aptitude to stand.

Indecent Exposure

Written By: Taheem Jamaal

So he thinks that whenever she says “No”
he should approach the situation with brute force.
Some men are stalkers, some are demanding, some persistent,
but he makes a habit out of beating and raping women,
daring them to inform the authorities, he’s abnormally intimidating,
taking any chance to enter so violently that their once delicate flower petals are dripping with blood and contaminated semen.
And I promise you, he wasn’t raised in a broken family, he’s driven by tall brown bottles filled with liquefied demons and short lines of white cocaine.
My man Delvalle said he believes in court ordered vasectomies for dead beat fathers, but for men who bother little children and rape women, I believe in Creator ordained castration,
Make him a Eunuch, rob him of his masculinity
just like he robbed her of her uncommon 25 year old virginity and now she’s convinced that it’s her fault.
She’s feeling all is lost because she’s impregnated and doesn’t want to give birth to a child born with HIV.
I’m feeling all is lost because I don’t condone abortions, but neither do I support the ideals that real life situations like this are overlooked during presidential debates,
And I don’t care what side you take, Democratic, Republican, or Independent, just make sure you pay close attention to your children
because by the end of this poem, somewhere there’s another sexual assault victim, 1 every 2 and a ½ minutes,
and in the next 2 and ½ minutes some little boy will turn on BET to see the latest video of a misogynistic rapper pouring champagne on women,
Look mommy, Big Tigger said the Talk of New York is that Young Bucks would own Banks if they had 50 Cent for every time they weren’t paid attention to,
That’s why I pray that I’ll always have the love of my nephews cause I can’t teach em’ how to stunt, but I can give them the tools to successfully make it through a job interview,
Treat women like queens, and declare war like Kings if they ever see a man disrespect a woman,
And I’m passionate about this because my 3 past relationships were, 3 BAD relationships and the root cause is that they didn’t trust men because they were once rape victims,
The first was raped as a teen, the second raped as an adult, and the third was molested by her step father from the age of 9 to 11.
But we rage about 9/11 and Columbine, Oval Office Concubines, and spending money to protest or protect the interests of the war must be better than appropriating funds to Homeless and Women’s Shelters.
So I felt the anger of those victims and waited for the judge to hand down the death sentence, as I sat through the trial of this pedophile, this murderer, this rapist,
But true to his natural self he intimidated every witness, and walked out of the courtroom with bragging “Not even God can judge me”, and to this day I write with through pain and anguish because he, is the morality of this nation.
God Bless America


Debut Album Anger Management released in 2006.

Set List

A typical set list would include a variety of original poems and the amount is determined by the allotted time of the set.