Jazzy vocalist with a little RnB flavour. Sings and writes about love and life. Her voice is five and 1/2 octaves of pure silk. We say to hear her is to love her..


Tahira (pronounced Ta- hear- ah) to hear her is to love her…

By way of introduction to a celebrated artist, this comes short. All we can list are artist worked with, too many to pin point individually, and concrete achievements. We can say ol’ skool, but that isn’t enough, we could say established but that doesn’t show the reality, effervescent, sexy, eerily reminisant of classic vocalists that set a standard. I think we are getting there!

Tahira grew up listening to the dulcet tones of the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington, the Neville Brothers and Stevie Wonder. She first set foot on stage at the tender age of four years old during a production which saw her singing and dancing, even then she set her individual print on the performance by insisting on having her dresses hand sewn in a different design and launching into a prepared routine leaving the other young dancers befuddled!! That is one of her strong points a sense of self and humour that the keep spirit up.

Whilst in High School she concentrated on learning her craft, taking dance classes, ballet, Tap, Jazz, in College she specialised in Drama and worked hard modelling and presenting for a fashion house to gain experience on stage. This has set her apart from alot of other aspiring artists, To see Tahira on stage, is to see Tahira in her element. Calm relaxed with consummate skill she takes your hand and weaves the story of each song for you until you feel you have been invited into her home and she is communicating with you as a good friend.

Having now had several years in the business, Tahira has travelled the globe and performed at numerous high profile venues. They include performances for British Royalty, Military Events and Casino’s Head-lining in professional environments with numerous celebrities. Her clients and contempories acknowledge her as the one of the best vocalist on the circuit.

Tahira hails from the United Kingdom, where she had carved a name for herself as an independent artist before launching into the lucrative session and backing vocal circuit. It was here that she really began to learn about music as a business and established a following of her own.

“Summer love” was released as a single and was very well received by audience and Disc Jockeys alike unfortunately lack of funding and a parting of the ways within the record label investing in the project led to the single being unavailable in many places. Moving on, from this.

Tahira again forged a reputation for herself as a tremendous lead vocalist by co writing and performing very ably on an Album released by “Major” on Disco Volante The song “Dark Dreams” which topped “Music Week” charts for several weeks and a stellar performance on the same album of the song “ Four shoes” (Click the link for a review Bzangy Groink » Major - My Mood ) which shows the versatility of her 51/2 octave range. Performing live in various clubs, in the British Isles also Europe she has gained a reputation for originality and professionalism.

In our opinion, Tahira has Class, looks, style and a dynamic voice to match.


The White Rose

Written By: Tahira Jumah lyrics & melody

I was looking through my minds eye,
Remembering the things we used to do,
like when you, Jeffrey, Graham and I,
Hung out late and I would cook the food,
Many a night we just spent laughing,
talking 'bout folks and watching tv,
But late at night when we'd done talking,
It was me for you, and you for me..

Now all I have left is the white rose,
of memories we shared just you and me,
Now all I have left inside are memories,
When they took you they left the thorns in me,
Oh white rose, oh my white rose..
You're my white rose, oooohh ooohhh Ahhh you're my white rose

To socialise and drink champagne was your thing,
You had a stream of guys who hung with you,
Time's filled with, laughter talk listening,
The days went fast with fun things you would do,
Sometimes you'd hold me much to tight, closely,
My heart beat fast,
It bounced against my chest,
And when you told me that you loved me,
I could hardly, I could hardly catch my breath,

Now all I have left is the white rose,
Of Just thorns and misery where love should be,
Now all that's left is the small son we shared,
When they took you they left the thorns in me,
Ooh the white rose ... oh my white rose.. They left the thorns in me my white rose.. (on to fade)

Are You Ready

Written By: Tahira Jumah

I like his look the cut of his pants when I took a quick glance,
I sure would like his number,
by the smile and the wink of his eye he's a very cute guy,
Is he with some one I wonder,
Quickly I stepped to him and asked him for his name,
He let me know and turned and asked me for the same,
He said let's both go for a ride,
And swiftly I replied...

Are you ready for what could be?
Are you ready?
For spending time with me?
For what I've got to give?
Are you ready? Are you Ready

So we shared some days and a night,
Yes we had some fun it's true,
I wanna take this furthur,
Now I'm contemplating it sure feels like deja vous
Can we make it worth it?
We're at a party drinking Champagne made for two,
And you've just asked me if I'll share my life with you,
If we're gonna do this thing we've got to do it well,
You've got big love for me,
I think that we can tell

Are you ready?
For what could be?
Are you ready?
For spending time with me?
For what I've got to give?
Are you ready? Are you ready?

Some time ago when life seemed longer
I thought I could go on but
It seemed he had me wrong, so wrong
The thoughts are flowing through my head,
All the crazy things he said,
This has life gotta change,
I had to rearrange this life-
This life-

We Are One

Written By: Tahira Jumah

Love health happiness
Things I find when I lay in my babies arms
Never can resist his charms no.
The wine tasting of life so sweet
I hunger
A hunger to keep safe and warm,
Special feelings that can’t compare
To anything I’ve ever known ooh
He holds me, feels me, knows me
And it’s there, when I touch him

whoo ooh
We are - one
He holds me, he feels me, he moulds me
We are - one yes
Oh, brighter than the sun we are one- we are one-

Smiling gently you takes my hand
Then leads me to a higher land
Obviously we show and tell
Nobody else can move me
To feel such love
Like he does- like he does-

And we are one yes and we are one oh yes ooh ooh oh oh
We are - one
And we are one yes and we are on oh yes whoo we are one yes
We are - one yeah

Bright as the sun we’ll stay as one oh oh oh oh o yes
We are one one, one, one
That we are one oh yes his truth will keep me, ohh,
He holds me, he feels me, he knows me,
Brighter then the sun we are one were are one


Summer Love Tahira Jumah (White Label)
Major - My Mood (Disco Volante DVA-5005-CD)

Set List

Tahira typically performs an 45 minute to an hour show of covers with her own tracks mixed in.
Songs wil be Jazz/ RnB/ Pop/ Rare Grooves