Houston, Texas, USA
SoloHip HopEDM

G.i.W.Y.C (Get it While You Can) GiWYC The Million Dollar Plan.


Troy Anthony Holmes Jr, which when put in initial form spells out the "Tahj" (like Mahal) in Tahjbro. Born in South West Houston Texas (July 17, 1993), who's soul purpose is to strive to achieve consistent originality within the world of "Conscious Rappers". Influenced by none other than his own aspirations and realizations of life as it unfolds before ones eyes can only make a man stronger in mental form. Who's lessons are what is left flowing on the rhythm of the beat, as if something far more valuable cant only be said, yet learned. Scared in ink under a microphone portrait on his right arm states "When my words are spoken, Lessons are learned". As in he's not here to teach, but here to share his lessons. Then "Tahjie B" prevails. GiWYC (Get it While You Can)


MIXTAPES: (2010) "Waking up to a dream" (2011) "TahjbroGression"(2012) Toxic Waste"(Datpiff) (03/01/2013) "The Unemployment Tape" (Datpiff)& "GiWYC" EP coming soon.