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"FreeHipHopNow.com- Sunshine or Pure Shade: Tah Phrum Duh Bush"

Attention New York and the entire East Coast - The West Coast abstract gymnastic tongue lashing over bass laced fun has back flipped and somersaulted right into your ears and has made a perfect landing. Outlined in a Aceyalone and Project Blowed rainbow, Tah Phrum Duh Bush, brings that odd west coast like hip hop circus feel to the center of New York and you will not want to miss your ticket to the big top of hip hop.

Before listening to Tah’s new release “Sunshine or Pure Shade” my hip hop obsessed ears closed up shop and turned to the rock genre in search of something new and refreshing. After a few weeks of empty listening I was rejuvenated with the nectar of this albums odd, quirky, yet lovable production and style. As well as the rolling vocals that will leave your neck fully worked and buff from a constant up and down workout.

From “Micro-PH-one01” [my personal favorite] and “Lay That Pipe”- Tah brings that summer feel to speakers that would accent any 40 ounce or pot bellied Dutch quite nicely. But nestled within the sweeping bass and comedic stylings lies a intelligent seriousness that is still enjoyable to listen to. In the farewell track, “Life and Death Dichotomy”, Tah reflects on the subject of life and death and dares to be brave by challenging the common everyday outlook on the matter. The way Tah balances humor and think material gives the listener a variety to look forward to. Hold off your 18 track illegal “Hot Summer Mix” and pick up a copy of this disc for either a summer ride or a night at home clutching a cold after work brew. Tah brings a raw yet stable flavor that will leave his unique sound forever embedded into your music memory.

How ya doin’, ha…How you doin’….

Micro-Ph-One01: 5/5
Shine: 2.5/5
Today: 4/5
2 second Ejaculation: 4/5
Cigarette: 5/5
Freestlye at the Orange Bear
Phlatbush: 3/5
Mo’s Ho Shack
Yo! Ho!: 3.5/5
Thys Bytch: 3/5
EYE [Asbury Dark]: 2/5
Lay that Pipe: 4/5
Somewhere Under my Rhyme Flow
Energitis: 3/5
Life and Death Dichotomy: 5/5

Overall Rating: 3 1/2

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- Irie Flux

"mihentertainment.com: Tah Phrum Duh Bush: Sunshine Or Pure Shade"

The long-awaited debut from Tah Phrum Duh Bush is finally here for everyone to enjoy. The man from Phlatbush has a mission on his hands, a mission he refuses to let go, even if it kills him. I think this man loves Hip Hop more than he loves his momma. Okay, maybe not, but still, you get the point. Filled with his humor, quirky perspectives and straight lyrical gymnastics, “Sunshine or Pure Shade” is an adventure to listen to with no interruptions.

The album starts off appropriately with “Micro-PH-One-01”, a lesson on how to handle a mic when on stage. Now that we’ve graduated with some mic skills we can continue on Tah’s journey. “Shine” is a quick study on cats who want to get on your set and don’t put in the work for it. He also gives you this side note: There are 2,846.52368 fibers intertwined in a shredded wheat (see if you can figure where this comes from, chumps). “Today” is a lyrical gem where Tah really shows his sharp tongue, slapping cats with a stripped down beat and added sprinkles of texture. You have to appreciate the joint “Cigarette” where he takes a page from GZA and names over 60 brands of cigarettes in his rhyme about smoking emcees. He does trip and fall when it comes to the hook though.

The anthem “Phlatbush” is an ode to his neighborhood. This joint details the whole neighborhood from the activities going down to the many races and all the landmark streets. “Yo! Ho!” has absolutely nothing to do with hoes…for real…I’m not kidding. This joint is a straight up funky track with a great chorus, call and response type shit, hence the ho talk. “Life and Death Dichotomy” finishes up the album like a nice tight bow, giving you his views about the ultimate balance of life.

Tah Phrum Duh Bush has a real solid debut on his hands. The production is tight, given the Tah treatment, along with his clear and strong vocals. He may trip up once or twice on the album but it’s not enough to make you press the skip button on your deck. It’s a fun album to listen to all the way through because Tah gives you not only the serious side of life but also the humor of it all. It took years to get a long player from Tah but it’s finally here so take off your shoes, get an icy beverage and enjoy some “Sunshine or Pure Shade”.

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- Dave Medina

"Whomag.net- Tah Phrum Duh Bush "Sunshine or Pure Shade""

Tah develops an incredible recipe of versatility, originality, and flows topped off with a dope sense of humor. On "MicroP-H-One-01," Tah just simply breaks down how to rip a live show. On "Shine" he breaks down to new jacks just how to create your own buzz. Also with some of his stripped down tracks, you can focus more on his rhyming ability. "2 Second Ejaculation" is a hilarious diss on some sucka punk that has a flow that reminds you of a young hungry Kool G. Rap. Also, make sure to check out "Today is the Day" and the hilarious "Lay That Pipe." Definitely a must have for any real hip-hop heads.
- whomag.net

"Tah Phrum Duh Bush: Sunshine or Pure Shade"

Local NYC hip-hop show regulars will know the name from the signs he holds high like a “John 3:16” fan at a football game. Tah works the streets for his beats as hard as he works on his rhymes, and much like J-Zone, he brings his own brand of humorous, tight, head nodding flows to the public with his own recordings, his own production and his own label (Push In The Bush). Tah can rhyme, there’s no doubt about it, and he likes to work in extremes. As the title of his album suggests, some of them are light hearted looks at life, while some are much darker. Or, as in the case of “2 Second Ejaculation” – which is a brief, witty but telling look at a story of a man who impregnates a woman and subsequent abortion – can be both. The problem with Sunshine… however, is quite obviously the production. Tah, you can rhyme, now get some help with the beats. His knack for creating addictive rhythms with his verses isn’t enough to overlook the Fruity-Loops behind them. I admire the independent approach, but until the production is addressed, the signs he holds up at shows will overshadow anything he says on his records. -DE
- Impose Magazine

"Tah Phrum Duh Bush – “Semi-Reserved Closet Maniac”..."

"His vocal styling, honed through many years of performing in the NYC area and across the country, punctuates the slightly trippy Amorphous Works-produced sonic foundation with multiple moods and varying inflection that pull the listener in, while moderately cryptic lyrics invite repeats listens."
- Manny Facez, Birthplace Magazine (Aug 05, 2010)
- Manny Faces, Birthplace Magazine (Jul 07, 2010) - Birthplace Magazine

"5 Reasons Why NY Hip Hop Doesn’t Suck – [July 2010 Edition]"

In some ways, he epitomizes the underground New York hip hop scene. I first crossed paths with him a long time ago, in a small AM radio station on Long Island, where the Off The Top radio program was hosting an on-air, overnight freestyle session, in which he participated. Years later, Tah Phrum Duh Bush has amassed a strong and loyal following, both online and off, and has become a seasoned performer, well-liked by both audiences and fellow artists alike. He is an entertaining host, as I discovered at the album release party for Premonition’s The Build, and, I have also realized, he is a man wholly supportive of his peers, and of the New York hip hop scene as a whole, as I have seen him present and vocally supportive of several artists at events he is not directly affiliated with. He is a clever and charismatic MC (with whom I share the plague-of-a-million-thoughts-per-hour affliction) who also seems to be a generally good guy. I look forward to the August release of his new album (and book!). - Birthplace Magazine


"Middle Finga" b/w "Blown Owt"
by Tah Phrum Duh Bush
12" Vinyl and CD Single
Push In The Bush Records
July, 2001

"The Naturals" b/w "Brooklyn Ill Spitters"
(featuring: Tah Phrum Duh Bush!, Bee-Kay, El Gant, J-Tree)
12" Vinyl and CD Single
by Mike Control
Bang The Drum Records, 2001

All City Volume 1
Compilation CD
Featured Song “Letzgitbuzumskizm”
By Tah Phrum Duh Bush
Bang the Drum Records, 2002

The Untitled EP
Tah Phrum Duh Bush
Push In The Bush Records, 2003

The Perfect Storm
(featuring: Tah Phrum Duh Bush!, Mickey D, and El Blen)
by Cee-Rock The Fury
From the album "Bringing The Yowza"
Handzup Records 2005

Debut full Length LP
"Sunshine Or Pure Shade"
Tah Phrum Duh Bush
Push In The Bush Records, 2005

The Connexion (LP)
"Talkin' to You"
"Strip Poke Her"
Cypher Productions, 2005

Definition of the World (LP)
by Saga One
Tah is Featured on the Song
Cypher Productions (2006)

Hyphen One (LP)
by Hyphen One
Tah is Featured on the song "Word Word"

Don't Take It Personally (LP)
by Nicola (http://nicolaicola.com)
Tah is featured on the song
"In Your Own Backyard"
Hot Cherry Records, 2006

The Flatbush Phlatbush Remixes
by tah Phrum Duh Bush
CD Maxi Single
Push In The Bush Records, 2007



Tah Phrum Duh Bush is an oddball amongst artists. Dude is so askew from the norm he is often labeled a weirdo-nonconformist-freak... “Hey man this cat just ain’t right!” Yet somehow, strangely his look doesn’t quite fit the bill! With the comparability to the rawness of Redman, the Energy of the Roots, the lyrical wizardry of Pharaohe Monch and the savvy of A Tribe Called Quest, Tah has been seen on stage doing wide ranges of craziness. Tah can be found in the bowels of New York City on a stage dropping science and knowledge in one instant and in the next he's on the floor making good with an imaginary lover with the fury of a sex starved bison while prompting the crowd to “Lay that Pipe!” Consequently, Tah Phrum Duh Bush has chosen to represent himself as the antithesis of all; the positive to every negative and the negative to every positive; an oxymoron live in the flesh! To be succinct he’s the epitome of "Filthy-Clean!" There is neither good nor bad. There only is what is: Sunshine or Pure Shade
Straying away from the cliché of today’s generic musical formats, Tah Phrum Duh Bush gives birth to themes of life that 99% of earth's population can relate to in one way or another. From the pinnacles of mania to the deep fathoms of depression, Tah's artistry represents both ends of the Chi, both sides of the Yin-Yang and all shades of the spectrum in between. No holy person is without sin and no sinner is without sanctity. Tah finds mid-ground without ever being at a polar extreme for an extended period of time.

Tah's Lyrical sorcery entrances the listener to frequently indulge in usage of the rewind function on his/her listening device to catch metaphors of great magnitude that manage to elude the weak of thought.
Tah's debut album is entitled "Sunshine or Pure Shade?!?!" The title of this collective of witty and bewitchingly cunning selections is, in itself, a question of Tah's introspection of life. This question is most clearly exemplified in the closing masterpiece "Life and Death Dichotomy". Tah ponders the contrasts between the themes of life and death and challenges the common ideas that most are programmed and conditioned to follow and believe in.
Phlatbush is another selection that represents the very essence of the "Sunshine or Pure Shade?!?!" theme. Tah is a native of Phlatbush (Flatbush). Phlatbush is geographically the center of Brooklyn, "the most culturally rich city in the world." Just about every race, religion and social class is represented there. In Tah's "Phlatbush" all the pros and cons, ups and downs and diversity of this urban land are brought to life. It is truly awe-inspiring how much information about a city of demographically indefinable people is brought to the soul through the ear of the listener.
Tah lets the partaker know that it's OK to be the oddball. It's alright to think your own thoughts, it's cool not to do things just to fit in and that without the self, there is only mindless wandering in the herd.
Tah welcomes you to the reality of..."Sunshine or Pure Shade?!?!"