Tailor Made Fable

Tailor Made Fable

 Montréal, Quebec, CAN

5 guys, 5 great performers, 5 excellent musicians. Good indie rock with hellish pop accents. Greats songs on their new album which has been released digitally in Canada, November 16th 2011 on VivaMusik Records / D.E.P / Universal Music Canada.



In the spring of 2004, the launch of Tailor Made Fable was undertaken by Mike Normand (guitar / vocal) and Rémi Chassé (guitar / vocal). The echo of their guitars quickly got to the ears of P-E Beaudoin (drums / vocal) and Matt Boulanger (bass / vocal), prompting the four of them to join together to start a band. In only one jam session, the guys realized that something serious was coming to life. Tailor Made Fable was born.

In the spring of 2004, the launch of Quebec-based rock band Tailor Made Fable was undertaken by Rémi Chassé (lead vocal, guitar / keyboard) and Mike Normand (guitar / vocal),
Pierre E. Beaudoin (drums / vocal) and Matt Boulanger (bass / vocal). In less than three years, TMF released two EP’s and one LP. Excited crowds have packed venues throughout Canada to see their mind-blowing shows since.

In September 2007, TMF won the first prize of ''Envol & Macadam Festival'', wich was held in Quebec City. In august 2008, the band traveled to UK to rock the Mathew Music Street Festival in Liverpool and the legendary Cavern Club. Back to Canada, TMF decided to add a new member to the band, the guitarist Louis Fernandez.

On November 20th 2008, the digital release of their debut album ''All These Questions'' smashed into the Top 100 sales chart on Puretracks in its first week online in Canada, claiming the #1 slot from the likes of Nickelback and Guns n' Roses. In April of 2009, once again, the guys distinguished themselves when their song A Case Of Mistaken Identity was awarded in the Rock category at the prestigious International Songwriting Competitiion in Nashville. The quality of their craft was recognized by an impressive jury composed of some pf the biggest names in the industry and international showbizz such as: Tom Waits, Robert Smith ( The Cure), Rob Thomas (MatchBox 20), and Ray Davies (The Kinks) amongst others.

In 2009, after touring all year long across Canada, Hubert Maheux joined the band in replacement of Fernandez. The arrival of Maheux in the band, kick off a new creative burst for TMF. At the same time the band started looking toward the USA for new oportunites and ended signing a booking deal with the very well-known agency B.L.A. in Nashville. In the spring of 2010, the band's members moved to Music City and toured the States with pitstops in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Austin, L.A and Milwaukee, where they burned down the house at the Milwaukee Summer Fest in front of a wild crowd.

Meanwhile, they started to write and recorded what would become their next album ''Emerge And See'' wich will be released in Canada in a couple of weeks. This new EP contains six new songs including a cover of the mega-success You Got It, originally performed by the legendary Roy Orbison. It was last February that Barbara Orbison invited the boys to participate in the compilation album celebrating the 75th birthday of the rock legend and also gave them the green light to include the song on their new release. The EP was recorded, mixed and produced by Yves Drolet and Hubert Maheux and also mastered by none other than Eddie Schreyer (The Offspring, Lady Gaga, Queen ) at Oasis Mastering, in Los Angeles. The band is now on the road promoting their new album.

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2006- If We Didn't Set the Dream High Enough (Full length)
2007- Tailor Made Fable (EP 4 tracks)
2008- All These Questions ( 10 songs-digitally on PureTracks)
2011 - Emerge And See (6 songs)

Set List

Originals songs.
On our two albums Emerge And See (2011), All These Questions (2008)