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Taji Dynamight is explosive. Fortunately unlike traditional explosives this particular kind has a different effect!



Several questions have been raised about where hip-hop will is going in the 21st century. The answers have not been what most people have expected to hear. Now is the time to lend your ear to the next explosive plateau of hip-hop via 8-year-old Taji Dynamight (Taji Jones). Hailing from the elementary schoolyards of Columbus, Ohio, Taji Dynamight is not a name you’ll forget once you witness the energy and explosiveness this kid’s punch packs.

Taji Dynamight has been rapping since he was able to say Da Da. Introduced to the game of hip-hop by television by way of several ad campaigns ranging from the “Burger King” commercials to the “Don’t do Drug” campaigns. He got his first break to perform on the now defunct Capital City Hip Hop Show on WSMZ radio in Columbus. He ripped the mic with his own freestyle that had every listener wide open.

You may ask what could a 8 year old possibly have to rap about. Well coming up labeled as a generation X-er and with the many devious things visible to children these days to only corrupt their minds even more, Taji Dynamight’s subject matter ranges from homework to sitting in his room meditating on any and all the positive things that keep him in tuned with his higher power.

He has performed at several talent shows in the Columbus area. He had the opportunity to perform for the city’s first recently elected black mayor for a Martin Luther King celebration. Taji’s single “Outta Control” has been causing quite a buzz in the New York City, Atlanta, GA, Columbus, Ohio and Los Angeles areas.


Kid You Need A Role Model!

Written By: Simon Carruthers II, Kimya Jones, Taji Jones

Verse 1
Giving thanks to Malcolm and Martin that’s how I’m starting
Look at how they fought and all they taught
Yo I hope my ancestors looking down on me proud
Just watching me rock the mic representing out loud
Wish they could see me now learning from all your lessons
And I’m appreciating all of your blessing
Maybe I can be as great as your were or
Maybe I can make a miracle occur
Trying to make it work 2003
We need inspiration from our family tree
You see my mother, father, sister and brother, the one’s who love us
The ones who care in the time of despair
Keep the dream alive
People strive to thrive
Then dig deep inside to find the drive to survive
So here’s the scoop on why I’m kicking this flow yo
I got something for you to know

Chorus X2
Kid you need a role
Somebody that you can follow
That’s why I look up to my parents
And try to follow
First dynasty, see we family
And my peoples helping me be all I can be

Verse 2
Now first of all you need to start at home
All you parents got to teach you kids until they’re grown and beyond
A role model when I think of mine I think of my Dad he’s the best I’ve ever had
When I’m sad he makes me glad
In trouble and he’s there on the double
and all you dead beat dads get busted like a bubble
because keeping it real ain’t always easy
And he do everything to please me and
So he opened my eyes a man is what I want to be
The lord has a plan for me
I can take a stand and show you who I be
I know the world can hear
Get on your feet because I know you can feel me
Yeah Yeah Yeah
I know the struggle’s gonna get hard
Yeah Yeah Yeah
You think lond and you’ll get far
I wanna be somebody
I wanna go somewhere
So just pay attention

Chorus X3
Kid you need a role
Somebody that you can follow
That’s why I look up to my parents
And try to follow
First dynasty, see we family
And my peoples helping me be all I can be


Single "Outta Control" -FDE7302
Single "Kid You Need A Role Model"- June 2003
Single "Simon Says"-October 2003
Album "My Life"-November 2003

Set List

My Life
Outta Control
Kid You Need A Role Model
Simon Says