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Taka Black

 Cleveland, Ohio, USA
BandHip HopPop

"Bold, yes. Worthwhile, definitely."


Wright III (Taka Black) was born to Ansel Wright Jr. and Tonya Cheeks on July 9, 1988. Wright was born into a poor family and was raised by his stepmother and father until the age of four when they separated. At that time he began to exhibit an innate talent for music- singing and dancing to young Michael jackson records and routines. At the age of 11 he was sent to live with
a foster parent which moved him to the upper east side, also known as the Glenville area of Cleveland. It was here that he would begin to understand rap culture, street culture, and learn valuable lessons in his life. At 13, Ansel was returned back to his father and by 15 he took to recording screw songs on a vintage Dell computer at a friend's place. He would take these mixes to a local underground rap haven called "Sly Airbrush & Design" where the owner, named Sly, would hear them. Sly was an airbrush artist as well as a stylist to some of urban entertainment's biggest names at the time including Paul Wall, Bone Thugs, Bun B, Jadakiss, and more. Sly referred him to a young man by the name of Colson Baker and the two began recording songs out of Baker's house in the Shaker area of the city.
Soon they began collaborating at the shop where they met each other. It was there that they were given their stage names- Machine Gun Kelly for Baker and Jay Black for Wright. Wright later assumed the role of hypeman for MGK as he had been growing at a steady rate as a musician. MGK was taken under Sly's wing as an artist he would manage, however, Wright was not as he had yet to polish his skills. Wright continued to perform with Baker for a few years, appearing on two tracks of his first mixtape, Stamp of Approval. In 2006 they performed at the first annual Ohio Hip-Hop Awards, then went separate ways in 2008.
Around this time, Wright was attending Cleveland State University and began writing and creating his own style. It wasn't until 2010 he would develop a proper technique and begin to perform under the monicker Jay Black along with his childhood friend Karlzel Hunter (Z The Kid). Later that year they opened for major artist's such as Twista, and soon began to win competitions for their live performances due in part to the high energy of their shows. After one performance at the Ohio Hip Hop Awards, Wright got the opportunity to speak with then Atlantic Records A&R, Amir Windom. Wright asked Windom what he would consider a key component to becoming a successful and signed artist, to which he replied: "We look for an artist who can hold their own with the best. If a consumer has 99 cents to spend on an artist on iTunes, we look for an artist that could contend with big names such as Lil' Wayne and Trey Songs to earn that dollar." After the meeting Wright changed his stage name from Jay Black to Taka Black. Taka was taken from the Japanese proverb, Tobi ga taka wo umu, which translates to "a kite breeding a hawk". The saying metaphorically refers to a special child coming from a not so special background.
In June 2011, Wright released Pure Imagination: The Prelude, a six song demo with one bonus track from Hunter. The demo was released with favorable reviews- gaining 5 stars upon its official release on Datpiff.com and garnering 6,000 views and nearly 1,000 streams in one week. The Cleveland Scene also gave the release a favorable review. In April 2012, Taka released his latest project, Pure Imagination: The Mixtape, to a much greater level of success than his previous endeavor. This project gained 5,000 streams and downloads in its first week through an exclusive release on Datpiff.com. At around this same time, Taka Black upstarted Away-Team Media, a multimedia development company. His team consists of Z the K.i.D, Shanelle Moon, D. Nakaji, and James Brown V.
Black is now touring and currently promoting the project along with his upcoming mixape, TakaNation, set for release in July, 2012


Pure Imagination: The Prelude (2011)
Pure Imagination: The Mixtape (2012)

The Warm-Up (2012)