Takana Zion

Takana Zion


Takana Zion album, album shows a will to be free, to rise and progress. Emotions are expressed in several languages (Soussou, Malinke, English and French) and the musical inspirations are varied, from Nyabinghi to roots reggae, rock steady, Dancehall, and even Blues.


Takana Zion was born June 30, 1986, in Conakry, Guinea.
He took an early interest in history as schoolboy, outraged by the iniquities occurring in his country and in the rest of the world.
Growing up, he realized that the combination of words and music was a powerful weapon and decided to use it against social injustice.
Moving in the world of Guinean rap and dancehall, he quickly gained respect and made a name for himself. However, he became more and more attracted to the Rastafari movement, a struggle that seemed to meet all of his social, cultural and spiritual beliefs. Having discovered artists like Peter Tosh or Joseph Hill at a very young age, he started to express himself through nyabinghi and reggae music.
Takana Zion was then spotted by several managers and producers, but he felt the need to stand back and focus on his future. He left for Mali to join Brother Ras Samson N’Thiako Zion, the eldest Ghanaian Rasta faithful, who had became his spiritual mentor.
In Bamako, he met many artists like Tiken Jah Fakoly, who encouraged and helped him. He performed repeatedly in live (including a remarkable concert in 2006, at Elysée Montmartre, Paris.) But he also multiplied studio sessions with various musicians, and notably Manjul. The French artist had moved to Bamako in 2001 with his studio and label Humble Ark Records.
United by a common faith, a common rage, similar references, and the same love for heavenly creation, Manjul and Takana eventually joined forces to produce Zion Prophet in December and January, 2006.
They then toured from January til summer 2008, passing though festival like DOUR (Belgium) or ESPERANZAH, as well as 2 famous venues in Paris (La Maroquinerie and La Cabaret Sauvage).
The new album “Rappel à l’ordre” will be released the 11th of Mayl 2009. Musically produced by Manjul again, it should bring TAKANA ZION to a wider public, and establish him as one of the top reggae artists coming from Africa.
Takana Zion will perform in the Garance Reggae Festival in Elysée Montmartre in Paris. He will share the stage with Jah Mason and Chezidek.


Zion Prophet (1st Album released with Makasound_Makafresh)

The second album we will release is "Rappel à l'Ordre" the 11th of may 2009

Other Album and project have been released in Guinea produced by the artist himself.

Set List

1- Abiri na samba khine
3- I want to be free
4-Jeune Fille
5-Zion Prophet
6-Mama Africa
7-Jah Kingdom
8-Reggae donkili
9-Sweet Words