Torrance, California, USA


Takao was born in Fukuoka, Japan.
He grew up in Kumamoto.
His music career began at the age of 15 when he joined local bands as a vocalist and lead singer.
He performed many gigs with large crowds and has consistently taken part in many music festivals throughout various cities in Japan.
Takao achieved additional media publicity in Japan during this time professionally.
When he turned 18, he relocated to Tokyo, where he decided to pursue his solo career.
In 2009, he moved to Los Angeles, California to further pursue his career and continue to build on his existing momentum.
In 2010, Takao met Los Angeles based record producer Clarence Jey, who has worked with and produced various artists, including music for Emmy winning Television.
Clarence and Takao are currently working on material for his debut EP.
He received the track of "The Last Night" from a producer "Jovette Rivera" who produced many of famous Japanese artists in Japan.


Give me tonight

Written By: Takao

I came by to see you again
I’m glad to be close to you here
You know what this is not my style for girls
I knew love

I guess this time is the final game
And I’m falling to the place
where the love been waiting tonight
felt like I ain’t scared

So baby give me tonight, tonight
I wanna feel so high
So baby give me tonight, tonight
We gonna feel it right this time
Cuz baby I’ll take you there
Ain’t like before
When you catch my eyes, eye, eye
So baby give me tonight, tonight
I wanna feel so high

she came by to see me tonight
I need to show my feelings for her
You know what is here at the gate
Between the love and loss
Guess this time is the final game
And I’m falling to the place
where the love been waiting tonight
I wanna take you there


Without u...

Written By: Takao

It’s just been a day
Since something just came in side of me
It’s just been the way
She ain’t far it’s meant to be

Cause I met you again on the day
And I…
I felt like you wanna try me and drag me down

It’s you, I’m still without you
I’ve been sending you my love since then
It’s you, I’m sailing without you
I want you next to me tonight
Your far from me and this is get worse
I’m trying to pretend it’s ok
You're the one, it’s you, you, I’m without you…

It’s just been your face
It’s got me fill with healing in side of me
It’s just been a race
Trying to get me in front of you a game
It’s just been a day
That supposed to be when I bring you back
Break this chains, feel this space, inside of me


The Last Night

Written By: Takao

I know what is happening
I’ve gone ahead
I’m trying to feel the outside world
I know what I’m afraid of
Ready to be alone
And let you out in the cold

I don't know when my feelings have separated form you
This is the way to show you what I fell for you
So long…

This is the last night
I can’t help but do what I gotta do
This is the last night
You can’t seem to get what it’s so true
I’ve opened the door
Made up my mind to let you go
(This is the last night)
Cause feels right
Our last night

I know you remind me
And I’m still not sure what I would do
I know you wouldn’t get me
I’m not sure if you would take me back


Feel in the night

Written By: Takao

Taking me in your way with this song
(She got me tonight)
Making me so belong
Cuz you ain’t (next to me in the night)
Looking at you waiting since taking you away from me
Get you on my side
I can’t resist

I just can’t turn you off in this song
I’m trying to stay in this song
Can’t find another in this way
I’ve been your way

It’s just late how I feel
Taking you away from me
But I’m acting as if you are next to me
It’s just late how it is
I’ll give you what you need
And you’ll never let go of me
Girl I need you, like you need me

She ain’t gone get away from this part
(of my life)
you should know this by now
(stuck in this night)
it might be making you feel that
it’s your fate
cuz I met you
I can’t resist it

feel in the night



Written By: Takao

I get my feel like
Wish to stay in here
And I get everything in your heart
It’s not that fake one
She don't notice my approach
But I wanna change her mind, and heart

So please turn your mind (onto mine
At the night)
Just bringing you back
I know how you feel

So what a (sicknight)
Baby set a love for you and I
Gotta go to where she staying nah
So what I (see in sight)
I know she must hate to wait a long time no..
I know how you feel
So what a (sick night)
Ready to aim at her point allnight
Gonna make you get this trigger high
So what I (see in sight)
Tell me what your thinking and wanting now
Ready for this

She always texts me
When I try to give a love to her
But I don't know why
She doesn't get it
Picking up words for you
But I knew she be seeing me