takashi KAMIDE

takashi KAMIDE


If you deeply move when you listen to music, what importance is to feel something in your heart. Because music is only related with your beautiful heart.


When he was seven-years-old, takashi Kamide lost his left foot shorty after having been diagnosed with cancer. By seventeen he had conquered the disease.

Not long after, another illness befell him for which there is no known medical treatment and by all appearances was terminal; he couldn’t eat anything, and lost weight from half of his body. It was another arduous journey to recovery, but as the artist states, what saved him was simply saying “LOVE”.

At that stage in his life, he was angry at everything and everyone, but his mother, father and many friends rallied for him, and never stopped believing he would fully recover, praying for him all the while he was fighting these illnesses. When at last it seemed he had beaten the disease forever, his doctor proclaimed it miraculous.

Now, takashi KAMIDE believes there are many miracles all over the world, and they can be realized readily, when you realize the potency of love.

But there is a parallel story that took place for KAMIDE: that of music. At six years of age, he was diligently practicing classical piano until discovering Bill Evans and Keith Jarrett which eventually led him to switch to jazz piano and subsequently an interest in the accordion. Working from a humble studio in his native Japan, he creates minimalist original masterpieces that evoke everything from Yann Tiersen or Penguin Cafe Orchestra to lost takes from Vangelis’ score from Blade Runner.

"If you deeply move when you listen to music,
what importance is to feel something in your heart.
Because music is only related with your beautiful heart".

by takashi KAMIDE

What is different takashi KAMIDE's accordion?
Most of people expect accordion is sounds like world music or traditional music. But takashi KAMIDE plays his original compositions, even if he plays covers, sounds very crative and impressive. He is playing new style of accordion you've ever listened!!

When he makes music tracks, takashi KAMIDE also plays many instruments himself, piano, guitar, and more. You can see it when you listen his music. takashi KAMIDE try to make sounds deeply, you can find something inside your beautiful part if you listen takashi KAMIDE's music.

"not for the faint of heart. It is intense, moody and driven by raw emotion.". (Billboard Discoveries : Cortney Harding)

"on the basis of originality alone, you should give Kamide before musical ingenuity drowns in the mirror- image sameness of today’s musical climate". (Vents Magazine : Cody Blevins)

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!!!New Album well be released in December 26th, 2012!!!

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Set List

accordion solo,
tons of original composition and covers,
playing about 40 min X 2 stage.