The Antikythera Device

The Antikythera Device


If you would like to hear the power of imagination translated into sound, then you should listen to The Antikythera Device - an ever changing mix of indie rock, progressive, jazz, and electronica fused into one.


The Antikythera Device (TAKD) is vision set into motion. The vibrations produced are all aspirations of a teenage musician who is determined on becoming known in the world of indie rock with every shred of passion his life delivers. His name is Troy James Gatrell, and he single- handedly writes the music, plays the instruments, records the music, sings the vocals, maintains the websites, and prints the albums himself. His future plans include booking his tours, completing an independent film(which is currently in progress), producing his music videos, and obtaining placement on college and even mainstream radio stations across the U. S. He never views his goals as being impossible, only the fact that they are all just a matter of time.

TAKD started as a straightforward indie rock project in the spring on 2004. The sound was simple guitar-based indie rock with little effects or processing. Forming a live band around this was his main priority, however, after failing to gather serious individuals to perform with him, he started to revise his plan. Realizing that he was in this by himself, Troy decided to never limit TAKD to one sound, and began creating more experimental and eccentric rock music that was layer upon layer of atmospheres and worlds that he had not considered before. In October of the same year, he completed “Diffuse;Glow”, an album that reflects this new way of thinking and independence. Being highly influenced by Beck, The Mars Volta, Radiohead, and various electronica genres, the new album was a huge sonic leap from the previous, but still kept elements from his indie influences such as Q & Not U, Les Savy Fav, and At the Drive-In. This new creativity and exploration of sound attracted the musicans that are now a part of the new live act today. With the help of Clay Fields (guitarist), Dustin Gray (bassist), and John Clarke (drummer), the sound goes live in an experience that contains enough energy to light a small town for a few nights.

Though the obstacles are overwhelming on the road to success, determination and seriousness within the band is overflowing; The Antikythera Device will overcome them all without even breaking a sweat.


Fetch the Stars, Cerigotto

Written By: The Antikythera Device

The whole town can laugh at me
I’ve fallen asleep in the debris
The phone and the floor are laying out in the street
The power is out and everything is free
A riot should break out now
While the defenses are down
And there’s no one around
But without all the lights, cameras, and action
In working condition
Where is the attraction?

While I'm all inspired; respond
Or I could start this fire
I’ll start this fire, I’ll put it out with my own weakness

Blue Effects

Written By: The Antikythera Device

It's like i've got a bright light hitting me
The colors fly, the ocean dies
It is to change the scenery
The mounting speed projecting me
I feel a new hour setting now
My consciousness; disorient
Please come here and find me
If i can't come back to find you

I'm lost in new reality
I can feel the colors
Unfamiliar sights and sounds and dreams
A force keeps telling me to
Hold on


The Antikythera Device EP (2004)
Diffuse;Glow (2005)

Set List

1. No Solution
2. Super-Plastic
3. The Hypocrite
4. Blue Effects
5. Fetch the Stars, Cerigotto
6. One Yellow Cab
7. For the Glow