Finding Solace

Finding Solace


We are a experimental progressive hardcore band based out of Indianapolis, IN. We do our best to have our own sound that strays away from the rest out there. We write for our enjoyment as well as yours.


Our music is a hardcore/metal genre with a more experimental sound to it. We do have breakdowns of course, but we mix up our riffs and melodic sound in our music as well. We have many influences ranging from Thrice to As I Lay Dying, they also include local bands that we have shared stages with, including a well-known group Gwen Stacy. We started the band a little over 2 years ago, with a different drummer and name. Since our new drummer joined we have learned how to just sit and write music and be patient. We just hope to have our sound get out there and be appreciated.


We have 9 songs written and recorded. We had a 7 track EP made a year ago, and more recently a 5 track Demo with a mixture of old and new songs. We have new recordings and songs we are working on with our new vocalist.

Set List

We usually play 6-7 songs per set, no covers yet. It contains the songs Shermans March Through The South, A Near Like Experience, Painted A Still Life, Romance Through A Barrel, Liars Bring An Empty Shotgun, Irrefutable Signals Point Up and Stray From The Herd. Our set last about 30 mins.