Take Home Treats

Take Home Treats

 Delavan, Wisconsin, USA

We are a fun band with great attitude and high energy. We play upbeat music that gets everybody on their feet and having fun. From young to old, people enjoy our music. We practice as much as we can and put everything we've got into each show to make sure it's our best.


Our influences include Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake, Streetlight Manifesto, Suburban Legends, some classic rock bands, and many others. Our biggest guide that made our band become a band is Tim Brown. He is a phenomenal music teacher from Lake Geneva, WI. He coached us along the way and made us see what we had to do to become a band and make our personalities shine through to our music.

What sets us apart from other bands is that we are a nine-piece ska band from a small town. Our band also contains some unique instruments including: tenor sax, bari sax, mellophone, trumpet, and a keytar. We all have different personalities that when put together you get an explosion of color. Yet, we all mix so well; which is something seen in our stage presence and fluidness of our music.

We began as a five-piece band back in February of 2010. It took a bit, but we played our first show May of 2010 at a school in our town. After that, things started taking off and we played many shows. We played graduation parties, at bowling allies, benefit concerts, and halls. We also participated in Wisconsin's LauchPad Battle of the Bands (http://www.launchpadwisconsin.org/) and made it to the finals in 2011. This allowed us to play at Summerfest 2011. We got to play on the Kohl’s Captivation stage and then later that week on the Potawatomi Casino stage. It was an absolutely wonderful experience. Many people stopped and came to listen to us play our excitable music.