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Grenoble, Rhône-Alpes, France | SELF

Grenoble, Rhône-Alpes, France | SELF
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"Musique Afrique"

Report abour TAKEIFA - Senegal

"Musiques Metisses Festival, Angoulême"

Takeifa, formé par quatre frères et une soeur, a un son unique, qui réunit les rythmes forts du Sénégal aux sonorités du reggae, de la samba, du funk, du hip hop, du zouk... - Musiques Metisses


News from 2009 to 2013 - Takeifa

"MUMES FESTIVAL with Takeïfa"

3 Junio, 2010 - 29 Julio, 2010

El Consagrado Cheikh Lô y los nominados al Grammy 2009 al mejor nuevo artista, Choq Quib Town, encabezan Mumes 2010.

El próximo 24 de julio, en la Plaza Alisios del Auditorio de Tenerife, a partir de las siete de la tarde

Completan el cartel Jac et Le Takeifa [Senegal], Katembe Project [Angola] y los canarios Dj Kali y Break & Culture. - 3-6-2010


Takeifa success story began in 1992 in Kaolack (Senegal) when Jac Keita, leader and compositor, who was eleven, left children games aside and begged his father to buy him an old guitar. It had no strings so he used bicycle cables to star creating his own music. Despite his young age, he was quickly noticed among other local artists.
Soon he started rehearsing with his three brothers and sister, Cheikh (guitar), Iba (drums), Maama (bass) and Fadhel (voice), so the group took his current name Takeifa, which means Keita family. His professional career took off in 2.006 when they decided to move to Dakar. They conquered the capital, then the country and finally they moved onto international stages where they have since played with Femi Kuti, Youssundou, Salif Keita, Darra J, Emir Kusturika, Public Enemy, La Jam, Ojos de Brujo, Chambao, BEBE, Macaco, El Bicho, 08001, Alpha Blondy, Bassekou Koukayate, Cheikh Lô, Tiken ja Fakoly... among many others.
Takeifa music suggests breaking down barriers, proximity between cultures, cultural hybridity and equality. His songs talk about issues such as childhood poverty (Talibé), traditional superstitions (Guissané), immigration (My dream) or education (Senegal). Sung in different languages (French, English, Spanish), although their native language Wolof is the dominant, Takeifa songs have a unique African pop style covering reagge, jazz, acoustic… His African roots are reflected not only in their music, but also in their bare feet on the stage, meaning attachment to the land and the need to take care of the Earth.
After their first album, Diaspora, published in 2008, Takeifa is preparing his next record it is a great fusion between Africa and the occidental world, with new features such as the incorporation of the contemporary keyboard, traditional instruments and French and English rap or flamenco voices. The album has a clear message: the unification of the African continent.
Takeifa is a new musicians generation, new breaking frontiers music, with a clear objective to share his components worries with the world. - 13-11-2010


Album "DIASPORA" 15.07.2009

Their music suggests the breakdown of barriers, the closeness between cultures, mixing, and inequality, addressing topics such as childhood, poverty and education (Talibe), superstitions (Guissane) illegal immigration (It's My dream), peace (Senegal), human conflict and hope (Diaakhle).
Single for HAITI: 2009
Complitation CD ADIF 2011. Takeïfa two song: Guissané & Talibé

ONG "Accion contra el Hambre", with one song: Talibé

EP "GET FREE" Spain, 2011.

Album "GET FREE". Senegal. 17.04.2012.
This concept has been chosen to reflect the expression of the commitment combat focuses on the relationship between peoples and men, the rights and values ??and the protection of the eco system. Thus, it includes the principle of equality that each individual must respect his neighbor, considering that they are equal in all respects, that all the peoples of the earth are equal and therefore all forms of discrimination based on race, skin color, ethnicity, language, religious or philosophical beliefs, or nationality, are behaviors to be avoided. It is indeed certain that all men are entitled to RESPECT their beliefs, their rights, their views, their conditions, needs and all the features they may have as members of this humanity that we create all forms of violence and injustice being only ways to refuse to consider his neighbor as a human being, as well as itself worthy of RESPECT.

"We are all people of the earth."



This long adventure begins in a small village in Senegal where Jac Keita discovered his musical voca- tion. At just 11 years old he made his first guitar in his uncles shop, getting bicycle cables as cords.

After several groups and a solo career, he began rehearsing with his brother Cheikh (guitar), and some years later the group was completed with the rest of his brothers. Hence the name TAKEIFA that means family Keita.

A tireless worker, Jac is a great composer and a self- taught musician with influences from Richard Bona, hints of Fela Kuti, Daby Toure, Lauren Hill, Lucky Dube and the sensitivity of Salif Keita.

With strong roots in Afro-pop songs, sung in French, English, Castilian and Wolof, stands a force and charm in the voice of Jac Keita, very striking and heartbreaking, with a special complicity in the instruments.

Keita family has a musical force with sounds that fits many styles, but always deeply rooted in their culture. Takeifa have shocked and devastated in Senegal to risk sounding more pop than traditional rhythms mbalax Takeifa published his first album Diaspora in 2008 with a clear message about miscegenation, immigration, child pover ty, love and sur vival Talibe, Guissane, Its My Dream.

The Last three years they performed in Europe and shared the stage with Femi Kuti, Tiken Ja Fakoly, Chambao,Youssou NDour, Macaco, Salif Keita, Daara J, Emir Kusturika, Public Enemy, Alpha Blondy, Omar Pen, Bassekou Koukayate, Cheikh Lo, ... with the ability to connect with the public on live and a powerful staging.