Take Me Instead

Take Me Instead


We say we're different. But everyone says that right? With us though, You don't listen and say "Gee, I think I just heard the same song 6 times." Nope. Each time you listen it's a new experience. In the three years we've been together, no one's been able to pinpoint us with another band. Thats good.


Take Me Instead plays what they feel, think, and love... and that's all there is to it. Celebrating the release of their first EP titled "A New Beginning" Take Me Instead has always prided themselves in not pretending to be who they aren't. The Olympia based band has found a way to rise above the noise bands and create a sound that is catchy but unique.... poppy but deep. In fact it's a sound that helped lead them to victory in Olympia's Lakefair Battle Of The Bands. Their catchy hooks, clean lyrics, and entertaining stage show has been known to win over fans immediately.

Isaiah Dominguez, Jon Schold, Kyle Van Der Velde, and Dixon Lamb all pride themselves on quality writing and sound. All extremely versatile musicians, they are able to perform an equally amazing acoustic show as well as a high energy plugged in performance. "I wouldn't mind doing this for the rest of my life... and never have to get a REAL job haha." Take Me Instead has always had one message and every performance seems to reflect it brightly: Do what you love, and have fun doing so.


Springtime - Single
Across the Horizon EP - EP
A New Beginning Ep - EP
When I'm Sane - Single

Set List

5-7 songs. Usually about 35-45 minutes. Pretty much always originals, although will play some covers to have some fun. Covers span everywhere from Usher to Owl City to Modest Mouse to Relient K. We spin the covers our own way, and always make them fun and unique, especially for the audience.