Take the Sky

Take the Sky


Progressive melodic rock with an emotional edge. We are four laid back guys who love music and live for it. We've yet to experiment with all of our tastes but have set no limitations. With songs starting from an acoustic and refined with electric drive, the sound is raw yet met with a suit and tie.


Driven by honesty and pushed with inspiration from every corner, Take the Sky has set out to do one thing: share their music that has become a product of influence. What started as an acoustic project quickly evolved into an emotionally intense four piece rock group. Some say they feel the ballad of folk while others hear the familiar tones of alternative rock. One thing is for sure: no limitations have been set on the music they want to make. Having just finished up a demo for their first EP, TTS is in the midst of finding a new sound. Raw but refined, this is Take the Sky.

Set List

Security, Learn to turn away, Waterline, Streetlights, The Cabin, The Fire, The Branded, Reservation for Silence, You'll find meaning in the end.

We have a few other original tunes, but that has been our 45 minute set. We also have additional covers that include Mr. Brightside, Say it Aint so, and Under the Bridge.