Take Two

Take Two


If Ella Fitzgerald and Neil Young formed a duo they would probably sound like Take Two! Joyful acoustic pop with a folk-blues-jazz edge.


Nita Paul and Paul Iwancio perform as a duo called “Take Two”. Nita Paul is an award-winning jazz singer who is also a composer. Her voice has
been compared to the effervescence of fine champagne as she gently swings
through a rainbow of song. In addition to her own songs, she sings a wide variety of jazz standards, pop, blues, and songs written by songwriters
she admires-including some of the highest caliber Baltimore writers.
Heads turn when Nita sings, and you too will fall in love with her voice.
Paul Iwancio is the founder and president of the Baltimore Songwriters Association. He has won awards from the Great American Songwriting Contest, The Mid Atlantic Songwriting Contest and has been a finalist in many performing songwriter contests. In 2006 he was chosen
to perform at The Kennedy Center as part of the first ever ASCAP Songwriters Showcase held there.
When Nita and Paul perform together,
the effect is mesmerizingly beautiful and energizing.


Nita Paul- Tradewinds of My Dreams
Paul Iwancio- Open Heart Stories
Nita and Paul- Live Art, recorded at Baldwin's Station
Nita and Paul- Take Two preview EP

Set List

We can perform two 45 minute sets of original music and four 45 minute sets of originals with jazz, pop, blues and folk standards.