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Take Us To Vegas

Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Metal Hard Rock




"What makes Take Us To Vegas unique..."

“What makes Take Us To Vegas unique is their energy, with the band priding themselves on always giving 100%. This extends to anything from their manic on-stage antics to mingling with fans. A Take Us To Vegas live show isn’t just any ordinary show – it’s an experience.” - Maggie Sapet (VIC), Australian Musician Network (Feb 21, 2013)

"5 watertight musicians...."

“Comprised of five watertight musicians, Ryan Goodall, Alex Reichelt, Liam Hennessy, Nicholas Bellringer and Dean Parke fuse together their collective punk rock, rock and heavy rock spirit. Providing far too many sparks of fire to this canister of petroleum nitrate they’ve provided, when combined, they let our ears onto massive thread-course of thrashing guitar lines and belligerent drum phrases & smashes. Laced with cradles of polished sing-a-long anthems on “The Road Ahead,” their ‘Tik Tok & Dynamite Mashups’ plus ‘Here To Stay,’ ‘Light The Fire’ and ‘I Tried To Walk Away,’ scream passionately as some of their best. Catchy, addictive and modestly repetitive, repeat listens are needed across “The Road Ahead” for maximum loudness and rock fantasia.” - - Matt, Aerial Noise (Nov 23, 2012)

"Australian rock act who sound like Panic At The Disco......"

“Take Us To Vegas are an Australian rock act who sound like Panic At The Disco plugged some decent guitars in and got heavy. They’re currently prepping a new album and EP, but they’ve already got tunes out there in the wild, and we’ve got the smooth, slick ‘Apparently It’s Frowned Upon’ below, which you can buy now. On this evidence, someone really will be taking them to Vegas, for a tour, very shortly.” - - Media Monkey, Supajam (Jan 15, 2013)

"POW! Fridays @ Mynt Lounge (VIC) 31st Jan 2014"

Headlining was Brisbane residents Take Us To Vegas. They opened really strongly and energetically with what I can only describe as a Bring Me The Horizon/A Day To Remember hybrid style song called Vital Signs. The crowd for these guys was rather big and I swear there were sing alongs during every song. Their hooks are very catchy!
They swiftly moved into their second song titled Bloodwolves (Also the name of their 2013 EP), so well so that I didn't notice and swore it was all one song.
It's easy to hear the bands influences in their songs but it's done in their own way. Just like they said in a recent Facebook post "We sound like everyone and no one".
The energy from the stage was unmatchable. The band are extremely involved in their performance and were and absolute delight to watch. Especially seeing how involved and hyped up their audience was. I don't think I've seen that much energy during a band at POW! in a while now.
Even though I've never heard them before, I was compelled to bop along and even sing along to their catchy hooks, seeing almost an entire venue doing the same is a little influential as well...
Their second last song For The Love Of The Game is what did that for me the most. It was a standout song, the type you'd hear played at a Destroy All Lines club every week. You cannot not move and sing along.
Take Us To Vegas closed on a creative cover of Ke$ha's Tik Tok, and it was amazing. I was impressed at how they had personalised and mashed the song up with a bunch of other songs to make something to party too, the made it completely their own. Definitely a smart move on the bands behalf to end on a club song in a nightclub.

I can see these men doing huge things this year and believe that they are definitely a band to keep an eye and an ear out for, I'm sure they'll make it to Vegas in no time.
You can check them out on their websites below, I doubt you'll be disappointed. I mean, I only found out who they were via some of their members adding me on Facebook, upon checking them out I've become a big fan. As I'm writing this, I'm listening to their tunes. -

"Wheatus, Nova And The Experience &Take Us To Vegas, The Hi-Fi, Brisbane – 23/09/2012"

Supporting the band on the night were some Brissy locals Take Us To Vegas, who came on stage at 8.30pm to the tune of Bangarang. As soon as the boys hit the stage, a wall of some seriously heavy sound just smashed you straight in the chest. The five-piece band got off to a rocking start as the band worked very well together from the get-go. Frontman Ryan Goodall’s vocals sounded fantastic as he moved from singing to screaming and back again with ease. The synchronised foot stomps from the guitarists and great breakdowns offered much entertainment for the few fans that were there.

With an energetic ferocity, the band ripped through their set full of power riffs, guitar solos and songs such as Coming for You and Sloppy Drunk, with all the band members getting to have a crack at vocal duties at one point or another. Bringing their set to a close was a massive cover job with such songs as Kesha’s Tick Tock, Gaga’s Poker Face and Justin Timberlake’s Sexy Back. Though being odd choices for a punk rock band, they rocked them out and it was an awesome finish to a big set. - Chris Condoleon MusicFeeds.com.au

"Take Us To Vegas release new single and film clip ‘Apparently It’s Frowned Upon’"

If there was a class for new bands looking to build huge amounts of buzz in as short a time as possible Take Us To Vegas (TUTV) would make perfect teachers. They have picked up over 17,000 new followers on Twitter in the last few months and have doubled their amount of likes on Facebook. Today they have released their new single and film clip “Apparently It’s Frowned Upon” and just upon one listen you can tell that this band is about to take over the airwaves. (Check out the video below)

Since going public in early 2011, TUTV have enjoyed an enviable amount of attention and acclaim. Over the course of the last 18 months, TUTV have supported Broken Heart (U.S.A), 28 Days, Shihad, Bodyjar, Behind Crimson Eyes, House Vs Hurricane, Dangerous, Mourning Tide, Heroes for Hire, Closure in Moscow and Wheatus (USA). After supports with these bands it is a testament to TUTV, that they can already hold their own among seasoned acts. Now, in keeping with the impeccable timing that would make most bands envious, they’re also about to announce a nation-wide/east-coast tour.
Take Us To Vegas may have a lot of buzz, but they also have the skills to back it up. Their new single “Apparently It Is Frowned Upon” is a hit and run of molten guitars, hormonal vocals, and machine-gun rhythms. It is produced by Kalju Tanuma who is responsible for 28 Days, Body Jar and The Temper Trap, just to name a few. The new single has all of the ingredients to gain further attention with calls already being sourced from USA Festivals and USA College bookers.
After having just played a launch show of the single in Brisbane, the boys have also been in Adelaide with Beyond Crimsons Eyes and doing a run of Sydney shows, TUTV will now be doing a run of shows in Brisbane and Melbourne throughout November. See dates below.
Melbourne Shows
Friday 2nd Nov at Beez Neez – Frankston
Saturday 3rd Nov at House of Rock, Melbourne
Sunday 4th Nov at House of Rock, Melbourne (All Ages)
Queensland Shows
Thursday 8th Nov at Crowbar, Fortitude Valley
Friday 9th Nov at Miami Shark Bar (TBC)
Saturday 10th Nov at Albany Creek Tavern
Sunday 11th Nov at The Box, West End
www.youtube.com/TUTVsOfficial - Life Music Media

"Take Us To Vegas - Heart Attack"

Aussie punk-rockers Take Us To Vegas (TUTV) craft energetic tunes with an aggressive, guitar-led emotive attack. Distorted power chords lead tracks like “I Think You’re the One”, a direct ode to new love with whiny backing vocals and a highly flexible lead, which transitions from semi-somber croon into an enraged scream. One of their most accomplished efforts is “Heart Attack”, a forceful attack that relies on intense percussion and a dual guitar attack, one heavily distorted and the other emitting a wiry effect. It’s the sort of effort that the younger emo and punk crowd will love. I expect this five-piece from the Sunshine Coast to invade radio waves fairly quickly. They have already played with the likes of Blessed By a Broken Heart (U.S.A), 28 Days, Bodyjar, and Behind Crimson Eyes. They’re on the rise. And fast.

I had a listen to their upcoming single, “Apparently It’s Frowned Upon”, and was impressed. It contains a thunderous chorus that’s anthem ready, ending with an affirmative “we will never back down.” The bridge during the middle, with a metal-inspired guitar sequence, shows their songwriting as increasing in intricacy. It helps even more that they’re touring with bigger acts and expanding their profile.

“Apparently It’s Frowned On” will be released October 13th on iTunes. Here’s the song’s video trailer:
- Obscure sound

"Homegrown 2012"

Finishing up National Youth Week with one hell of a bang, Homegrown saw 800 fans descent on Alex Skate Park for 16 bands and 8 hours of rock, punk, hardcore and metal.
If you missed it and it's your scene jump on facebook and check out Take Us To Vegas and We, the Relentless. They absolutely killed it. Incredible musicians who delivered exuberant perfomances, take the time to have a look. - effe.com.au

"X&Y Bar - Thu Feb 23"

"The crowd starts to thicken and gravitate towards the tiny stage in anticipation of headliners Take Us To Vegas. A little mosh circle breaks out in the first song and fight dancers rush in to fill the gap. TUTV (a self-prescribed moniker) deliver a raw, aggressive and energetic style that showcases a diverse musical set from post-emo melodies to post-hardcore breakdowns. But charismatic frontman, Ryan Goodall, takes the spotlight almost orchestrating the crowd into a frenzy. They close with a bang, finishing on some infectiously addictive mash-up songs covering artists like Ke$ha and The Black Eyed Peas, which continue to plague me for the rest of the night. " - Pete Walsh - RAVE Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



2014 has been the biggest, busiest, most exciting and challenging year for the Take Us To Vegas boys to date. The band has recently finished recording their new "soon to be released" album at STL Studios on the central coast of NSW, Australia. This has them all busting to be able to show the world what they believe has been yet another massive step forward in honing their sound and musical maturity.

Take Us To Vegas have grown dramatically since their formation in 2010, not just in regards to their music development, but in their attitudes and the way they understand and respect this extremely tough industry. With headline shows becoming bigger, more support slots for bigger bands, and fans becoming more and more loyal, the boys are excited for what the future holds. An example of just how loyal the TUTV fans are; the boys recently created a 40 day pledge campaign to try and raise $10,000 to help for the release of their upcoming album, and to their disbelief smashed the target in just 9 days.

TUTV are super busy preparing for the release of their new album with all the usual business underway that comes with it like artwork, pressing and video clips, but they are also hugely focused on getting ready to hit the road and hit the road HARD to tour the album, because that's where their passion is. 

“The energy from the stage was unmatchable. The band are extremely involved in their performance and were and absolute delight to watch. Especially seeing how involved and hyped up their audience was. I don't think I've seen that much energy during a band at POW! in a while now. Even though I've never heard them before, I was compelled to bop along and even sing along to their catchy hooks, seeing almost an entire venue doing the same is a little influential as well...�
Jemma Edwards ~ Australian Music Network

The horizon looks bright for TUTV, with no signs of slowing down and every possible intention of becoming the very best they can be, there are some life changing decisions to be made soon which may very well launch the boys closer to where they are aiming for, the f@#king TOP!

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