take with audio.

take with audio.

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Take With Audio is a 5 piece blues rock band that started out in Brandon Manitoba. Together the band moved to Ontario to further their career and continue playing live shows the way they love to. Sharing the stage with acts such as Finger Eleven and 54-40. Releasing their debut album summer 2013.


Take With Audio are a Canadian grown progressive retro rock band formed in Brandon Manitoba in 2006. The 5-piece band has nourished the local music scene with their unique energy and distinctive sound for years. The band consists of Trevor Crook (vocals), Nathan Crook (lead guitar), Kori Kameda (rhythm guitar), Kevin Blair (bass), and Bernie Wolski (drums). Together the band has made it from Manitoba to BC and back twice with only a few bumps on the way such as breaking down in a small town in Alberta or sliding down an icy road in the mountains in their old 70s van. After making it to Toronto and back all in one piece, Take With Audio made the enthusiastic decision to turn their life around and move to Ontario where they are currently living in the GTA to further develop their musicianship and songwriting.

Take With Audio is currently working on a new album to be released this summer of 2013. “It’s a full length album; an album to portray our genre of music, progressive retro rock” (Trevor Crook). The new album is to be produced and engineered by Cory Revesz. After the album is released in Mississauga they will be showcasing the album around the GTA and planning a tour across Canada. Until then, Take With Audio is performing at festivals including Manitoba’s Rockin’ the Fields of Minnedosa as well as Ontario’s NXNE.

Take With Audio came about in Brandon Manitoba approximately 6 years ago. “We are all from small towns, and I don’t mean Ontario small… I mean Manitoba small with 2500 people” (Nathan Crook). It all started when 4 of the members were coincidentally looking for a band when the opportunity appeared to play at the ‘Band Jam for Cancer’. Kevin who never played bass picked it up and knew right away it was meant to be. Trevor who was most comfortable on drums became the front man where he clearly found his place. Nathan continued on guitar and Bernie stayed with his drums. The 4 of them performed and knew right away that their organic sound was going to be around for a long time. Kori Kameda, a singer/songwriter from Ontario, is a recent addition to the band and has added a new dynamic for Take With Audio.


Take With Audio: independent release June 2011

Twice Daily: independently released EP 2010

Both Available on Itunes

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