Takeyia Jones

Takeyia Jones

 New York City, New York, USA

Takeyia Jones Music is and combination of Pop/Rock/R&B/hiphop! She could be in the mood, to just make an R&B track! You better believe if hot, she releases it!


Takeyia Jones started singing in the church choir; at the age of three! She started writing songs; in the third grade that inspires people! She has, and had radio play on Indiebychoice.com, power 105, savedadayradio.com, etc. She moved back home to New York City! She is now 49,800 results on Google, she is also on mostly every search engine! She has performed at The Shrine World Music Venue; in Harlem, NY. She has performed at the Branded Saloon in Brooklyn, etc.

NOTICE: I am having problems with my song titles; the right titles are not showing up! Please excuse the inconvenience!


Spending My Days
Bounce N Pop
Stars Born
Show Ya How To Rock N Roll

Set List

Have enough room for at least 2 to 3 dancers, not including myself! Please! Have a Good Mike; no fuzz! Please! A cordless Mike, if not please let me know!