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Family tree- Mathesis, my Grandfather was part of a movement called Rem-be-tica, These were the songs of the Greek underworld.
In the 1930's, these young musicians composed and performed songs about poverty, addiction, betrayal, thieving, and desire.

This musical movement was the ALTERNATIVE MUSIC of their time, FORBIDEN by the establishement who wanted to oppress the people.

These songs, also contained elements of the past,
the ancient past, (handed down generation to generation). These elements were the
instruments and the melodic sounds of the ancient WORLD.

My musical journey began at the magical age of seven.
Magical, perhaps mysterious, even alien. My home
was filled with exotic sounds of Byzantine music,
the scent of burning amber, and religious iconic images.
My home was my refuge, my private little country, my
house of holliness, filled with sounds of laughter, breaking
dishes, Grecian celebrations, and Yia Yia's watchful eye.

On the other side of my front door, existed the vast
noisy, technicolor universe infected with the sounds
FM radio blaring from every car, concert, convenient
store, and basement. These were the sounds that
frightened me, yet inspired me. Zeppelin, Aerosmith,
Sabbath, ALIEN to my seven year old ear.

1990- My musical journey lead to the mainstream music
industry. Performing with one of the top bands in Boston,
we were enjoying commercial airplay on WAAF,
WBCN, as well as, several college radio stations.
Eventually, we made our way to the largest musical
venue in Massachusetts, the Tweeter Center. Nearing
late 1998, I co-founded a band called Lunar Plexus,
A cutting edge, Organic-Electronica band, that was years
ahead of it's time. Our most popular song "sweeter" climbed to the number 1 spot
on European charts in Denmark, charting for three weeks
in the Winter of '98. At this time in our career, we had
the Honor of opening for the legendary Aerosmith.
Also noteworthy; the sounds of Lunar Plexus were
featured on various television series.

In 2003, I returned to my roots, touring with Highly
skilled, Greek musicians, who played actual ancient
instruments, hence, adding new rhythms to my musical

Having obtained this musical knowledge, I have
chosen to blend these ancient instruments in rhythms
with modern sounds and grooves.

As a true artist, and not conforming to any boundaries,
or remaining in a musical mold, I have created
a unique style of music all my own, called,
"Ancient" blues.

I have composed and written, all of my own music
and then incorporated the talents of Anthony Resta
multi, platinum producer,( who has worked with
many noteable artists, such as, Sir Elton John,
Duran Duran, Madonna), to record my album.

This is my vision, to create music and take the listener
on an exotic journey back in time.

Music is experience...............
This is our WORLD, this is the frequency.