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Cave Junction, Oregon, United States | SELF

Cave Junction, Oregon, United States | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Takilma on the Off the Hook Radio Show"

Takilma will be the featured band and the band of the week for the Off the Hook Radio Show with host Wendy King. Off the Hook airs on Sundays @ 7pm on 96.9 FM The Rogue in Southern Oregon (Ashland, Medford, Grants Pass). You can view the station website @ www.969therogue.com

Takilma will be interviewed, new tracks from their latest CD "Raising the Frequency" will be played and more on Sunday June 6th 2010 @ 7pm on 96.9 FM NEW ROCK The Rogue! - www.969therogue.com

"Unsigned Band of the Week: Takilma"

www.hightimes.com/takilma - www.HighTimes.com


LP's -
Shoddy Craftmanship (2007)
Keepin' Her Honest (2008)
Raising the Frequency (2010)



(The band in its LIVE SETS has been known to jam on songs by artists who influenced them such as: Cream, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, The Grateful Dead, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Allman Brothers, Bob Marley, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, The Black Crowes and many more…)

Takilma got its start in 1996 in Northern California with founding members BK (Rhythm Guitar) & Nate (Bass Guitar) and Justin (vocals, guitar, harmonica). Nate suggested the band name in 1996 at a rehearsal, from a road sign he had seen near his family’s home in Southern Oregon. He only knew it lead to a beautiful river spot, filled with friendly folks and an inspiring outdoor scene unlike any he had found in California. The band decided it was a good fit as in their young minds it did not associate with any type of music or band.

Although the original lineup gained some notoriety in the Northern California music scene with its electrified jam rock shows in 1996, 97, & 98. The internal conflicts of a young band caused them to burn out, being done with live performances by late 1998. The band was on indefinite hiatus for over 6 years.

By 2005 the original three founders and songwriters BK, Nate & Justin decided to begin writing new music together and having jam sessions and some initial recording sessions began. The music was flowing and they decided to start up a new live band and all three felt it only right to continue with the original name they performed under, TAKILMA was reborn.

Although various other musicians have helped Takilma as a live performing band it has remained BK & Nate at its spiritual & songwriting core.

By 2007 the band independently released their first CD "Shoddy Craftsmanship", with a more acoustic jam based feel it only showed the potential of the band’s rebirth. Songs like "Going to Tijuana" laid the ground work for the direction the band was heading in.
2008 saw the independent release of their "sophomore" CD "Keeping Her Honest" which had a fare more advanced rock n' roll vibe and the quality songwriting of BK and Nate in songs such as “Yes I Do” (the single most played radio/internet song in the band’s history) and “The Smoke Hour” (a counter culture underground phenomenon) propelled the bands popularity and truly marked Takilma’s return to its more electrified rock roots.
But both CD’s saw limited release even as the band performed many live shows year in and out. By end of summer 2009 original member and lead singer Justin decided to retire from music. BK and Nate briefly considered hanging it up as Takilma. But something inside them told them to give it one last go.

In the fall of 2009 they conducted a very brief search (one internet post) and the very first person to audition was a man with a soul full rock voice who had recently moved to Takilma, Oregon by the name of Mike B. The first time BK & Nate heard his voice on an audition CD they knew he was the voice and had the sound they needed for the new original material they had been writing. With Nate having recently relocated to Southern Oregon to base the band and music out of, and a new local singer living in Takilma the community, the band was returning itself to the true roots of the Takilma name and the wonderful community and once native tribe from where the name originates. A true twist of pure fate had occurred and strengthened the bands sound and music beyond its member’s wildest imaginations. With the growing support of the community of Takilma, Oregon, Southern Oregon in general, and the bands roots and support in Northern California the band found itself with quite a following which enabled the band to tour to many new markets and expand its fan base with more live shows.

In 2010 Takilma self - released “Raising the Frequency” and blew up the internet music community with “One Bullet” the first single. A new sound emerged from the band that effortlessly blended their classic and modern hard rock sounds. The new CD of music was a vast experiment in musical creativity marked by such classic songs as “One Bullet”, “Veil of My Shame”, “How Many More?” and “Bong Water Blues” all becoming permanent live fixtures in the bands nightly set list. By the time the band hit the road for over 25 live shows in 2010 the band consisted of Mike B. on Vocals, BK on Rhythm Guitar, Adam on Lead Guitar, Nate on Bass Guitar, Robert on Keyboards and Brandon on drums.

The band went into 2011 writing some new material with this line up and dropped their first new song “Slow Burn” on 4/20/2011 on their official website (http://www.takilma.net). The band continued the live shows with over 30 live dates performed in 2011 on the “Slow Burn 2011 Tour” with highlights as main stage performers at The Jefferson State Music Festival & Hemp Expo (2nd year running), The Hope Mountain Barter Faire (2007, 2009, 2010, 2011), The Emerald Empire Hempfest (2nd year running) and The Radio ACTive Music