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She "Showed off" with her hit mixtape single "Knocked Up" The female version to relative Akon's Hit "Locked UP." The 4 times R&B Indie Award Winner Get's us warmed up for her summer smash " Please Stay" Rated #1 for unsigned artist on myspace, Rumor has it..."She's GOT NEXT"!


Blessed with Keen Intelligence, beauty & brains, she’s guaranteed to be loved by all being new to “The game.” It’s easy to be thrown off by her outer good looks as the average pretty girl singing ballads and hooks. “WARNING” Holding a conversation with her could be hazardous to your image if you’re not prepared for information flow that portrays something completely different. Her personality shines through as she steps in any room you can feel the radiance of a pleasant aura that will make anyone take a second look. Her birth name works very well with whom she truly is. Takiyah (adj.) one of strength who is pious; righteous. She’s an “Urban” singer/songwriter who breaks through the scene with R&B Soul Music, but her songs bless you with a fusion of different music genres including Jazz Hip Hop & New Era Blues. So who is this “Phenomenal Woman”?

Known for her firm “Hitting Home” lyrics, she taps into things most R&B artists don’t sing about. Life in the streets from the outside looking in. She got love songs, dance songs and all that good stuff, but she's very much driven by the story telling of life in the “Ghetto” which explains why her single "Drama" was picked up for a movie sound track called "Cash Rules", Written and Directed by “Bink” featuring Treach of " Naughty by Nature" and a few other Hip Hop artists hitting the big screen. Drama discusses the "hood" crack heads smoking rock on the block, bullets flying, lack of economy and gang violence corrupting our school systems. She diagnoses the problem and by the end of the song gives a solution that would work if we would come together & create a movement instead of militia. Manipulating the minds of audiences of all ages, you will always walk away with a message that will leave a lasting impression yearning for more.

Actively involved in her community, her bubbly personality and head strong mind frame contributes to the success of her youth organization “Sisters 4 Sistas”, where she offers mentorship to young females by stimulating the minds of young sisters and supporting positive youth actions.

You may remember the Brick City songbird from her mix tape joint “ “Knocked Up” the female version to her close relative “Akon’s” Summer Hit “Locked Up”. This joint opened many doors as she tells the story of a young girl who has a baby by a "Dead Beat" and the kid looks just like him but he denies the child.” as the hook bangs.. " F* around & Got “knocked up”, won’t help me out." Her follow up joint “Ghetto Girl” banged hot in the streets as she discusses a good girl gone bad who's smart but just not thinking & the choices she's making upsets her cause she knows the girl can do better. She dressed real fly but taking care of some dude and not her kids. The mother is a fiend and she leaves the kids with her to be out in the streets that “ain’t no good for her or her children." So this is the type of subject matter we can expect to hear from "Takiyah".

Receiving recognition before she even Tops the Bill Board Charts, Takiyah recently received 4 nominations at the R&B Indie Awards where according to an article written by Jlf Marketing, she was “The Show Stopper” and brought home two awards, one for Favorite Female R&B Artist and Favorite Single by Female. So it goes to show her definitely putting in the work to get to the top. A hot track & a hot topic, defiantly allows me to create a hot hit!! She sings. She writes. She can put together a song in a day. Absolutely sounds like a “Phenomenal Woman”.


Knocked Up

Written By: Takiya

Knocked Up
Written By: Takiya Dixon

Intro: (hip-hop vrs)
Knocked up he wont help me out. This baby keep crying and this shit is really stressing me out
Diaper changing bottle making wasn’t part of the plan, yet this coward got the nerve call himself a real man, sounds like a dead beat dad to me, more like a sperm donor he bust up inside of me. I let him beat me in head I knew that he wasn’t true Fucked up got knocked & this make kid #2.

Vs1. Started out we was chilling, getting my freak on. Didn’t take the time to think about what was going on
We started touching, straight seduction
He said I was his #1 caught up and didn’t tell him use a condom and I got knocked up

Hook ll: He wont help me out he wont help me out, wont help me out no wont help me out: ll

Mama and friends tried to warn me but I wouldn’t leave him alone. They said he wasn’t no good for me had to find out on my own. What was I thinking? What the hell was wrong with me? One moment of pleasure 18 years ahead of me, fucked around and got knocked up

Hook ll: He wont help me out he wont help me out, wont help me out no he wont help me out: ll

(Hip Hop Vs 2.)
See I can be a Bitch if I wanted to & take him to court. Let Uncle Sam eat his ass up on child support. I could make him lose his job, He be out on the block & got jacket real long I could blow up his spot.
With his record he aint working under his real name. I can let it be revealed, I put him up on the game. I aint trying to cause drama you aint gotta be with me, but Dayum nigga you employed just take care of your seed.

Bridge: Now the baby’s here he don’t wanna come by I’m doing by myself he aint thinking bout me. I’m getting W.I.C. and it’s helping a little bit, but now I’m stripping just for me to get by.

Don’t wanna go out like that to live my life
Don’t wanna take him through child support just to make him do right but still I got
Knocked up

Hook ll: He wont help me out he wont help me out, wont help me out no he wont help me out: ll


Why don’t he visit, Where’s my baby daddy, send me some child support, oh lord, he wont help me out
I’m knocked up. Why won’t he come help me? He’s got your eyes, and boy you cant deny it.. Oh nooo got knocked up.


Written By: Takiya

Drama by Takiya


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