Tako Lako

Tako Lako

 Copenhagen, Capital Region, DNK

Mixing world beats with psychedelic gypsy tones, Tako Lako hits you with the urge to stamp your feet. With an impressive roster of shows including performances at Glastonbury, SXSW, by:larm, Roskilde a.o., Tako Lako have wowed critics and fans with their intoxicating live performances and grandiose attitude. Their newly released debut 'Through the Mud' (Sony Music, 2012) is a dark, critically acclaimed gem of an album, exploring lyrical themes of cultural identity and nostalgia within a unique m


With their visionary mix of trashy world beats and psychedelic gypsy tunes, the critically acclaimed Danish / Serbian act 'Tako Lako' have achieved cult status in Scandinavia and the UK. They've been named 'one of the greatest Danish upcoming acts' by MTV; and they've proven time and time again that they can deliver shows of immensely high caliber and vision. This was particularly the case at their legendary Roskilde Festival show; where thousands of festival goers became mesmerized by Tako Lako's explosive beats in ways they had never been before.

Since then, it's only been going upwards. Following a string of accomplishments, they executed one of the most critically acclaimed shows at SPOT Festival 2011, earning 6/6 stars in Denmark's most respected music-magazine. GAFFA writes; '... Actually, I'd go so far as to say that this is one of the most well-executed concerts I've ever witnessed (...)'Tako Lako' managed to fill the entirety of VoxHall before finishing their second track - and what they unfolded on stage in 45 minutes would be impossible for most bands...'

Additionally, Tako Lako have played countless shows on tour in the UK, culminating in Glastonbury Festival 2011. They have performed with Shantel & The Bucovina Club Orkestar, and 2012 has seen sold-out concerts at every turn; as well as show-stopping festival performances at Green Man Festival, BeachBreak Live, Distortion, GrimFest and SmukFest. Furthermore Tako Lako have been confirmed to play SXSW and Sziget festival 2013.

The mix of the unknown, in the form of exotic tunes inspired by the Balkans, and urban alternative genres from the underground, like dub, psychedelia and afrobeat, has always been Tako Lako's trademark. They've garnered success from this hybrid not by mixing traditional gypsy tunes with modern beats; but rather by shaping and composing everything in their own fashion from scratch. Melodies, hook-lines and beats have their own distinct personality, which are neither distinctly 'Gypsy' or 'Rock'; combined with their intoxicating live-shows, as well as their evocative presence and energy on stage, the strength and originality of their music always shines through.

Tako Lako have coined their music 'psychedelic gypsy beat'. A melting pot of fierce energetic discharges and experiments, where one track fuses intense Balkan-accordion with trashy dance hall, while another combines the epic melody with bombastic, otherworldly drums. The band's playful fusions became especially popularized in their ground-breaking live concept 'Tako Lako's Gypsy Playground' last year, where some of Denmark's most popular artists guest-starred in Tako Lako's sound-scape for two sold-out concerts in Copenhagen.

Tako Lako isn't all fun and games however, as their newly released debut album 'Through the Mud' (Sony Music, 2012) proves. Showcasing unseen experimental sides of the band, and even exploring lyrical themes of cultural identity and nostalgia within their unique musical landscape, critics call it 'magical (...) a dark and trashy gypsy-beat experience with an endlessly unique feel" (Mads Petersen, Overspring) and "a brave and truly captivating debut, which must carry them straight to international status" (Torben Holleufer, GAFFA).
The album's universal critical praise is a tremendous acknowledgement for a band that's fought an uphill battle against skeptics and hardships since the very start; 'Through the Mud' can be seen not just as an exploration of identity and musical styles, but also as an allegory of all the things the band had to go through to get to where they are today. It was a battle worth taking; with a truly bright future ahead of them, Tako Lako is a one-of-a-kind act on the alternative gypsy-beat & world music stage.


Regards from Serbia

Written By: Ognjen Curcic

In a town known only
as Soldier's Paradise
lived a man and his wife
From his couch he sharpens and looks me in the eyes
"Sing your song and fuck off!"
This was back when sirens and bombs would get him gold
And my life was denied
To the point where all of my dreams were shot on sight

Back when all on Tata's mind
was his ribbons and silver teeth
While I was left with no smile
No, mama let me go, let me be
The real life Greek tragedy

They tell me apples don't fall far from the tree
Well then why did I fall
To a stinking pile of brown oranges filled with seeds
Made me stink while he sang
"You're catastrophe, ugly-face mystery
What's your passion in life?"
I can't calm, can't carry on, stuck in misery

Tell me why was Tata so proud of his red and blue leather jeans
Not of my abilities
No, mama let me go, let me be
The real life Greek tragedy

Know that your pity is my sweet ecstasy fills my heart with a cause
like King Kong, a crazy fun Sex Mex Balkatron
Who loves getting it on
They say that plumbers find love but wear no ties
Well then why do I have
No one to cuddle and give me a kiss goodnight

Tell me why was Tata obsessed
with the freedom man on TV
Instead of cheering for me
No, baby come with me, can't you see
The real life Greek tragedy

Why did he fight and bleed in the wild
While I was left in the dark
No, mama, are you here do you fear
The real life Greek tragedy

Serbs need their love
Tata says my fist
should do the talking tonight
Kiss me baby, hear my call,
please join in the fight
Tata says my fist should do the talking tonight

'Till I gain all your sympathy
'Till I gain all your sympathy
'Till I gain all your sympathy

The Fate

Written By: Ognjen Curcic

Lives in disgrace
Says it's their fate
Sick jokes, the fad; breaks their nails to get a laugh
Plays with grenades
Lights up like mad
Jerks off to posters of guns and promised lands

That's when I see all my sisters loose their minds
I tell them "run, leave this life and fate behind
call your friends, cross the hills towards the skies
until the sun wakes and burns you in the eyes!"

Scoops up their hate
A sip and taste
Burns up their hi-fi to kill expressive style
Expecting love
Expecting praise
Keeps building anger until the end of days

That's when I see all my sisters loose their minds
I tell them "run, leave this life and fate behind
call your friends, cross the hills towards the skies
until the sun wakes and burns you in the eyes!"

And when I see all your signals in the sky
I promise you that I won't be far behind
You'll see the smoke of his old ways rising high
And you will know that his generation died


"Through the Mud" (Sony, 2012) - Debut Album:

01: Rupa Je Rupa 3.0
02: Regards from Serbia
03: Silicone Buzz
04: GrimyBoy
05: Soul, Heart, Magic Bag
06: The Fate
07: Basket Maker Beat
08: The Rest of Us
09: Through The Mud
10: Wait in Line

Available worldwide on: iTunes Store, Sony's Webshop, Spotify, Amazon a.o.

Various tracks from "Through the Mud" are frequently played on Danish Radio P6 as well as in World Music programs on radio stations in different European countries.
In relation to the showcase on SXSW the band also performed on live radio in Austin, TX.

"Kick-start EP" (2010):

01: Tako Je Lako (intro)
02: Overdose feat. Bjonko Stosic & Cph. Chalgija
03: Kick-start
04: Rupa Je Rupa
05: Where's My Cake?
06: The Saviour

Track 03: Kick-start has received airplay on danish national radio P3 (Denmark's biggest radiochannel)

Tracks 03 Kick-start and 05 Where's My cake have been in rotation on Danish national radio worldchannel (webradio)

Tracks: 02: Overdose feat. Bjonko Stosic & Cph. Chalgija, 03: Kick-start, 04: Rupa Je Ruap, 05: Where's My Cake? have been in rotation on rhubarbradio, UK internet radio.