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Taktile brings meaning to west coast hip-hop by combining pertinent lyrics and mainstream tracks. Dubbed as "Scott Storch with a mic", a credit to his production, Taktile is defining the new face of hip-hop. Great beats meet relevant lyrics.


"Get That Paper"

... A hip hop masterpiece from start to finish.
"This is for my people on the nine to five..." states Taktile in the opening line of the track 'Nine to Five' - a tribute to the working class and the struggles involved. The 'every day grind' is a defining ingredient in Tak's music and a relatable notion to today's listeners.
The album, "Get That Paper," touches on a wide range of issues and confirms that Taktile can hang amongst the best. Lyrically, the songs shine & the production is top notch. The hooks quickly become the soundtrack to the picture being painted and will linger in your head the next morning.

Through-out his journey, Taktile has added notches to his belt by recording in the home of Ice-T, winning the Sunkist Sunlab competition, and testing his skills against the rapper Roscoe. For this record tak enlisted a team of producers and engineers that included Sydney Alston and two-time Grammy award winner Ted Greenberg.

"Get That Paper" resonates with a wide audience, offering numerous moods from track to track. Taktile has delivered what is a nice addition to any hip-hop collection and a chin-check to rap music as we know it.


Get That Paper - LP -2008
Taktile and Locksmith - EP - 2006
Open Letter - LP - 2006
Hidden Agenda - LP- 2006

Set List

20 - 35 minutes

1. The waits over
2. Got it
3. Redwire
4. Get that paper
5. Back to the flo/ carried away / Blowed- Medoly
6. Hustla (Jay - Z)
7. Same ol tak
8. Nine to five