Tala is a potent sonic cocktail of experimental rock, pop, disco, dub, trance and East Indian music- playful but with an edge. The trio combines its unique approach to music with fresh, creative songwriting and improvisation.


There have been multiple descriptions for this mutating yet always engaging group. From dub and funk bass with creative dance beats to catchy melodies, quirky lyrics, atmospheric guitar leads and sitar freak-outs: the band pushes the envelope of pop sensibility. The trio uses a combination of structure and chaos to create a variety of moods not often seen in a live act. “Making it danceable and still interesting, is something we set out to accomplish each night” says Venkatarangam.

Extensive touring, along with encouraging fans to trade recordings of live shows has allowed Tala to bypass the mainstream while maintaining a loyal and ever-growing fan base. Touring from one end of North America to the other, the band is no stranger to playing over a hundred shows in a year. "We're definitely a touring band, and it's playing live and connecting with the crowd that keeps us going," says Aitken. Maintaining this touring schedule has brought the band significant media attention, including an article in the July 2003 issue of Relix Magazine. From the Molson Canadian Rocks concert with Fat Boy Slim, to the Evolve festival with Medeski Martin & Wood, the group has shared the stage with many great bands over the course of its travels.

The band was formed in October of 2000 in Montreal. The group is led by Stephen Venkatarangam (guitar/sitar/synthesizer/flute/vocals) and he is supported by a variety of musicians from across Canada.

Tala, the East Indian word for rhythm, is known not only for their daring improvisations, but also for the band's live energy and the considerable attention and detail put into the songwriting. All three members share much of these songwriting duties. This democratic approach gives the band its diverse yet homogeneous sound as each member brings to the table his unique experiences and influences. "Throwing instruments together that normally wouldn't mix and making them work is what we do best," adds Venkatarangam.

Tala is currently promoting their second studio album “Bleeps Squeaks and Drones”, released January of 2006. Their self-titled debut CD (2002) received international acclaim in underground and college radio stations. For people who have not yet seen the band and are looking for a cutting edge sound, this group from Montreal is guaranteed to deliver.



Bleeps, Squeaks and Drones - released 2006
Tala (Self-Titled) - released 2002

Set List

Tala setlist includes all original songs. Tala generally plays two sets at 90 minutes a piece.
Occasionally Tala plays uniquely arranged versions of covers.