Talaban MarZ

Talaban MarZ

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA
SoloHip HopR&B

Energetic, enthusiastic, dedicated, hard-working rapper & hip hop artist with mad lyrical skills and extensive vocabulary. Writing with honesty to reveal life lessons with wit and double entendres. Singing and rapping to both amped up club tracks and vibed out beats, there's something for everybody.


Angel or Animal? Martyr or Menace? While Baton Rouge-born artist, Talaban MarZ' name stirs controversy, his thought-provoking songs and versatile sound give birth to a unique style.

It's not hard to be different when you're being yourself

Talaban MarZ is an entertainer with multiple talents. From modeling to stage plays and a starring movie role, his acting resume continues to grow while starring in America's #1 haunted house. He has never lost sight of his true passion - music.

Even at a young age he was found to be musically inclined, learning instruments such as the violin, trumpet, and baritone. His creativity is influenced by the wide variety of musical genres he listens to.

At first glance, you may feel as though you know what to expect. You hear the name and hyou see the image of a typical rapper. As you further investigate the mystery of Taurance Terrell, aka Talaban MarZ, you can't help but ask yourself... why haven't I heard of him before?

His music is a mixture of hip hop, pop, rap, and R&B. He presents a wide range of styles and relatable topics that challenge you to think and encourages you to live life without regrets. His smooth vocals make it easy for listeners to connect to while his outlandish lyrics leave room for fun and mystery.

Talaban MarZ has experience performing in such venues as Club Encore, Tiptinas, Club Empire, Therapy Wine Lounge. His fan base is comprised of mostly women but also men ages 13-30. With multiple talents and room to mature and grow musically, Talaban MarZ presents an opportunity to promote a well-developed artist, instead of just another rapper.



Written By: Talaban MarZ

Lyric by Talaban MarZ
Beat: Talaban MarZ

The game gone sour
Goin’ tell that
Connect and clientele
Be the main ones rat
Sittin’ behind bars
Wonderin’ why ur time flat
Like someone posted a sign
I’m sellin’ on ur back
The law’s talkin’ ‘bout start tellin’ for a stack
You rat, same day
Get a shell off in ur back
Two for none, how the cops see that
Wanna brother to crack for a better pay check
Court’s gon fuck you with no latex
Lose a part of your life
For a chirp or a text
Tell me what’s next
They comin’ after tha rap game
Say hip hop gives blacks a bad name
We just reflecting on life from which we came
If you sell ‘caine u end up in chains
If the people don’t get ya, ur bound to lose your fuckin’ brains
And for what
A little hood fame
This a serious game
No jokes. No mirrors. No smoke.
What would you if u had the decisions I had to make
Never knew how to bake, but I had the cake
I can’t lie, sometimes I had to take
Sixteen, I ain’t have no place
Seventeen, judge looked in my face
Couldn’t see me, all he saw was my race
D.A. tryna throw me away
He say, I’ll be back one day
Guess he right one way
Or the other
It was like a year before I heard from my brother
It was like a year, I still had two others
And another half and that was hard on my mother
But she stay strong like rubberband rubber
But like rubberband rubber she’ll pop if you tug her
And ain’t gotta tell her but I tell her cause I love her
I luv you ma
All the wrong I did
And she still kept me covered
Still had my back
Like my spine bone structure
Cut ya, bullshit short
Like Danny Devito
From zero to hero
A-merican negro
But I don’t do the saggin’ pants
I don’t do the snappin’ dance
Me I do my own thing
Shorty gettin’ nervous everytime she hear the phone ring
She know that might be money calling
Anywhere from Shreveport to New Awlins
Catch u slippin’
I will hustle u
And I ain’t talkin’ ‘bout the letter
When I say I’ll double you
That’s split you in two
And my history’s proof
Yea, they call me Talaban
But I ain’t ask ‘em to
Think about it
Food for thought
Tell detectives, I am never in the mood to talk
Had charges I fought
Some won, some lost
And ur life is the cost
If u snitch on a boss
And ur bitch, if she off
I can’t leave her to talk
She should have her ass at work to pay them bills off
No regrets. No apologies
Better u than me, gotta be
This rap game like the lottery
Make a nigga wanna go back to them robberies


Written By: Talaban MarZ

Lyrics by Talaban MarZ, featuring Nails
Beat: Godvilla

Yep. Bypola. Nails. Talaban.
Shut the fuck up and listen
Talaban MarZ
Nails nigga
What up Nails
I’m schemin’ re-workin’ the worth of my birthing
The worst little earthling more worse that the first thing
I think my heart burst when they birth me
I think I died and somebody re-earth me

Listening to my rhymes is a crime
Like Columbine combined
With Columbian white lines
Slash undertaker meets mankind
Mankind should be manEVIL
I’m the sequel to a damned people
That desert eagle
Make a man crinkle
I got tha iron if they lookin’ wrinkle
I’ll sink u
Call ‘em Titanic
I’m a gigantic, knee deep in the atlantic
My CD gone make the world panic
Get u jack, son
Like Janet
Better sit if u can’t stand it
I’m Tarzan the bandit
Respect I command it
Better yet I demand it

Or the coroner will be ur next form of transit
Translation for the foreigners
Better overstand it
I’m airborne
I never land
I just take me an air shit
No aim but ur hair hit
Glock plastic
Surgery when that bitch kick


Feelin’ like I been regenerated
Tha thoughts we penetratin’
We bombin’ hard
Had an army come, authenticated
Stayin’ faded in my mental state
The road to riches, but I never circumnavigate
Guard ur face
No, better save it
U fuck with me
I take ur brain, I swear I won’t replace it
Percocets and valiums
Got me sharper than a talon
Black and chrome tool
I call it Darren McFadden
I smoke ‘em just like a Kool
Stretch ‘em out like elastic
Talaban and Nails
This shit gonna get drastic
Pushing fades back
I ain’t talkin’ ‘bout a barber shop
Homicidal flow, I suggest somebody call the cops
Never take my shades off, you can call me Cyclops
Pull a baby uzi, I suggest somebody grab a mop
A thousand round clip, when I shoot I swear it neva stop
Smokin’ Philly weed
Fuck ‘em all, I bet I neva stop



Cocaine DayZ n Marijuana NightZ (2013)

3 0 1 3 A.D. (2013)

Spacewalk video - available online

Set List

Will be customized to suit gig

Kim Porter
Lotta Lean
Dem RackZ
Insomnia RicheZ
Stressed Out
Johnny Appleseed Double Tha 3
High ‘N’ Soar
Comin’ From Tha Bottom
Sell Me A Dream
Locked Up
MarZ (instrumental)
Freak (instrumental)