Tal Cohen Shalev

Tal Cohen Shalev

 Haifa, Haifa District, ISR

Influenced by old school American singer-songerwriters such as Gordon Lightfoot ???
and combines elements of raw blues and rock. Thus defining his unique style. The young singer-songwriter from Haifa, Israel delivers his songs with surprising honest. He moves audiences with his unique voice.


His debut album "Heartaches and Aches" was released in Jan 2010 which was independantly produced and recorded shows off ten original songs ranging from personal stories to new-age poetry.

One of best parts of a Tal Cohen Shalev show is his unique selection of covers. Audiences will pleasantly surprised to hear an old "If you could read my mind love, known both for its 90s pop rendition and original 70s Gordon Lightfoot version. "Spiderpig" from the simpsons quickly became an internet sensation.

tal Cohen shalev is currently one of the top selling israeli artist on bandcamp.com

The second album is on the way. The new songs are already a big hit in recently live performances and hopefully will gain more attention and expand the fan base in months to come.
"Think of a combination between Neil Young and 60's singer songwriters, and then combine it with he newer influences of Elton John, Elliot Smith and Nick Drake. Tal cohen-Shalev is a true singer-songwriter with ann amazing voice and good delivery. From the looks of it, he is going to go far"

- Akbar HaIr (Top Israeli Newspaper)

One of the top Israeli artists

Tal Cohen-Shalev..,acoustic and electric guitar, piano and mandolin Oded Naftali...acoustic guitar and harmonica
Gal Isaiah...electric and double bass
Eli Aizik...drums
Shir-Ran Yinon...Violin

Influences: Nick Drake, Don Mclean, Jackson Browne, Tim Buckley, Tom Waits, Van Morrison, James Taylor, Simon and Garfunkel, Iron & Wine, Jim Croce, Cat Stevens, Gordon Lightfoot


"Heartaches and Ashes" Debut album