Talent (Feel Good Music)

Talent (Feel Good Music)

 Houston, Texas, USA

Talent is a multi-talented Engineer, and Recording Artist. Whether it's A`cappella , Soul or R there are not too many categories of music, which Talent haven’t bee a part of the production.

Now allow Talent to introduce you to a new category. It's called; 'FEEL GOOD MUSIC.' The name says it all.


About Talent

Born in Atlanta and raised on the Southside of Houston, Texas, music has been a part of his everyday life. At the age of 16, Talent began writing songs which were featured on major commercial releases.  

Although he had a love for music, his desire was to be behind-the-scenes engineering and, creating music.  He chased his music passion and pursued a degree in the field. Before long; Talent, was fully immersed in the art of music. 

What once was once a  teenager filled with the joys of writing poetry, quickly turned into a grown man writing songs with passion and excitement. 

Not only did Talent have an interested in songwriting, he went full speed ahead into performing solo and, with groups, as well as; continuing his passion: Engineering.

Once he relocated to the small town of Huntsville, he began networking. Soon everyone would know why he was called, 'Talent.'  He soon connected with an up and coming indie label based in Huntsville, namely; ' Seven Figure Entertainment.' 

Talent found himself producing music for the label and was offered position of Co-Label Executive and Lead Engineer.  He accepted the honor and was now responsible for recording, mixing and mastering all of the label's projects.  Although it was a small town label, artists would travel from other States, to work with this team. This meant Talent would be responsible for productions for outside clientele as well. This led to working with internationally recognized artists.  

Talent's profound sound engineering skills, have been heard in the production of live concert performances.

His style is common, but very different. He is an Engineer and Artist, which can clearly be heard here, but he is so much more. He is 'Talent!'

After reviewing this site and other sources for 'Talent', contact his Publicist; (Ms Ssugah Chaney) on (281)873.2377 or (832)679.6040 

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Hidden Talents - but has featured on several artist projects and underground cd's.

Set List

Set List:
Grown Up
[set is interchangeable dependant on venue and host request]