My music is created through my life journeys, i am a singer/songwriter and i only perform my own music.


I am born and raised in Mattoon IL, and have a love for music. My hometown has never been a place to get discovered or to be recognized but i try my best to travel and meet new people. I started playin guitar when i was about 12 years old. I am now 18 years old and have wrote many original pieces. Whether i be found or lost music will always have a big impact on my life, more than i can say for many other things. Some of my influences have to be some of my favorite men, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Matt Nathanson, Matt White, Jewel, Colbie Callie, etc.

Set List

Live to Learn- around 3:00min
Life's Journey- around 3:00min
Mystery- around 3:00min