Taler Made

Taler Made


A little Funky mixed with some old school rock'n roll. Me and Scott definitely like to have fun and entertain the crowd in any way we can.


From New Jersey to Ontario, here is a band who traveled. Both from Quebec, Kathy and Scott have traveled to the North East part of the United-States, playing rock and roll throughout New Jersey and New York. Incidently, they both landed in Toronto a few years later to form this unbelivable duo that is Taler Made.

With experience under their belt, having been released on Lulu record and opening up for Twisted Sister, they reinvent themself with fresness and a touch of attitude.

Thanks to her accomplishment as a multicultural artist, she appeared as a guest on rapper Sin Messiah’s ``Child Abuse`` track and video. Once again her song writing being noticed, Kathy landed a new single `Unclassified` with Capstone Records and started cutting through the University scenes and College radio in the New York and New Jersey area. She is now ready to record her first LP. With so much energy and song writing talent, Kathy Taler will bring more and more followers to this new era of rock.


Kathy Taler (1999)
Women in Williamsburg (2000) - Lulu Records
Unclassified (2001) - Capstone Records

Set List

I Never Bled - original
Me and Bobby McGee
Celebrity Skin
Mama I'm Coming Home
Proud Mary
The Middle
Drift Away
Unclassified Love - original
Condamnable Disguise - original