Talia Denis

Talia Denis

 Albany, New York, USA

Talia is a singer/songwriter/pianist who has shared stages with X Factor’s Fifth Harmony, Rusted Root, Deluka and Jasmine Villegas. According to Behringer, “despite her young age, Talia is already making an impact in the music world.” “Talia Denis is a young singer, song-writer who creates music that is known for being fun and catchy while also introducing complex chord progressions, rhythms and time signature changes.” -- KAWAI“"With solo voi


Talia Denis is a singer-songwriter and accomplished pianist from Albany, NY. Her music brings something fresh to the table, fusing together the fun and light-heartedness of pop music with the intricacy and complexity of a determined and inspired young pianist all wrapped in an edgy rock undertone. Talia has gained notoriety for her stage charisma, insightful songwriting, and strong voice. 

Talia became a performer at five-years-old, when she boldly took over the microphone while the paid entertainment at her father's company party went on break. By age seven, a family friend - Producer/Composer Brian Mansell – began to help Talia create simplified arrangements of songs by her favorite artists, such as The Beatles and Sarah McLachlan, to practice and perform. Within a couple of years, New York City Producers Zak Soulam and Michael Visceglia heard about Talia and offered her the chance to create a record with them. The creation of that record began in November of 2010. On December 4th, 2011 Talia and her producers with renowned drummers Sterling Campbell and Jerry Marotta, walked into the legendary Dreamland Studios in Woodstock, NY and officially began recording Talia’s first album.

Next Talia teamed back up with Mentor/Producer Brian Mansell to create the diverse and sometimes heavy rocking album titled “So Alive”.

Talia has since headlined her own Northeast tour, as well as having opened for acts Fifth Harmony, Rusted Root, Deluka, and Jasmine V. Talia was invited to sing the National Anthem for the New York Rangers to a sold out crowd at Madison Square Garden. 

Talia is back with new music, this time with producer Drew Gilman. She has released four songs ("Lately", "Count On Me", "What I Believe", and "Like This Is The End") that will be featured on her upcoming EP.

Talia is the youngest artist ever endorsed by Kawai Pianos, QSC, Behringer, Steven Slate, BBE, Empirical labs, Gorilla Ears, and Blizzard Lighting.


To view Talia’s videos, including the music/lyric videos for “Like This Is The End”, “Count On Me”, and "Lately", as well as live performances and interviews, please visit:  



Talia Denis tours with her own professional high-end PA system with DMX, LED stage lighting, a sound and lighting engineer.