Talking Fingers

Talking Fingers


Talking Fingers creates music who inspired the listener to use his imagination and produce his own images.


At the present time, I work on a project of poetry with Mrs Agnes Riverin. The publishing house: Planète Rebelle is going to publish our work. I compose the music who complete the beautiful Agnes poems.
Art and Movies inspire me a lot.



Written By: France Sevillano


So hard to find in the summer time
refreshing air and clean water
so deeply disturbed in my mind
trying desperatly to find an answer

where is Johnny searching for him
it’s not easy to sleep for ever

so hard to find Johnny my ideal
always searching in the wrong place
the wrong one, the bad one, no deal
you’re dead drunk in front of the mirror
staring at your emaciated face

working in some sleazy job sometimes
living in an iron box unbreathable desert
in a bad mood you leave your wife behind
walk alone to the next bar and the next flirt

where are you Johnny I need someone
to satisfy my Latin passion
on this sunny day I need distraction

now I leave horses, unicorn, elves and fairy
to live on earth with myself and maybe
find my love in dreams or for real
finally far away from the desert still

surely not searching anymore
goodbye Johnny. I’ll always want some more

working in some sleazy job sometimes


My work is not edited yet.

Set List

Instrumental and experimental music

1. Vol de nuit, 2m53