Talking To Teapots

Talking To Teapots


When listening to Talking To Teapots you will soon recognize a wide spectrum of influences; sense the Nirvana-spirit crossed with Pavements diversity or the Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd mixed with a touch of Captain Beefheart-madness. - authentic lo-fi rock


The south Swedish foursome Talking To Teapots would probably never agree if you “accused” them of playing pop. But hey, there is obvious evidence all over the place: the melodies, the stunning refrains, the uplifting lo fi-feel and of course the skilful play.

However, through their entire existence – TTT formed in Kristianstad at the end of the last millennium with gentlemen Martin (gtr, vox), Andreas (bass) and Jimmy (drums) at the wheel, and since 2004 with guitarist Emil as a steady member – the group have managed to hide the facts.
Talking To Teapots makes pop in disguise. And they do it well.


split-cd "12-21 seconds left right left to live" 2005, Ines Boukow Records

"The Re-creation of All Things", 2007, Empty Tape

Set List

set 1x45 min (or longer if you want)