Dan Yashinsky

Dan Yashinsky

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Talking You In, by Dan Yashinsky, storyteller, and Brian Katz, musician/composer, is a concert-length "canta storia." It tells the harrowing and triumphant story of a father who tells stories to his infant son in the neo-natal intensive care unit.


Dan Yashinsky is one of Canada's best-known storytellers. He is the author of Suddenly They Heard Footsteps - Storytelling for the Twenty-first Century. He has toured to festivals in Ireland, Wales, Israel, Germany, Austria, Holland, Sweden, Brazil, Singapore, the U.S., and throughout Canada.

Brian Katz is an internationally acclaimed Canadian guitarist, composer, recording artist, pianist, improviser and music educator. He draws on jazz, classical and various world music traditions to form his personal sound. He is especially known for his orchestral approach to solo guitar playing.


See www.tellery.com for info on Dan Yashinsky.

See www.briankatz.com for info on Brian Katz.

Set List

Talking You In and other emergency stories features Talking You In (40 minutes) and a flexible mix of other stories and music.