Talk of the Town

Talk of the Town


We are 5 best friends from a small town outside of Sacramento, Ca. We are very melody driven and try to blend our alternative and pop-rock influences together to make something amazing and bring something unique to the table.


Like I said earlier we are 5 best friends from a very little town outside of Sacramento. We took the best members from each of the best local bands and formed "Talk of the Town!" including Tyler from Ten Falls Forth (Rise/Victory Records). We (as well as those that have seen us) feel our live show is what really separates us from the rest. "We bring the ROCK to POP."

We have many influences including a lot from the 90's alternative era to a lot of the harder bands that are popular today. Our influences are very diverse between each member. Most you wouldn't be able to pick out in our music and we feel that is a good thing, because nobody wants a duplicate of a band that is already popular.


Our Debut EP
"Brand New Addiction" (Disco Technology Records)

Set List

The Remedy
Highways and Heartaches
Save Us Now
Remember the Fire

we occasionally due a cover by the band "The Fly's" called "Got you where I want you."
Depends on the crowd we are playing for. But, our set usually ranges from 20-30 minutes.