Show must go talk! Stunning concerts full of energy and guitar riffs mixed with melodic songs. Surelly one to see.

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Talkshow is an indie rock band formed in 2008 in Bratislava. Their sound is generally a mix of heavy bass and drums, harmonized guitars, piano and danceloopers synths.

The band's original line-up consist of Andreas Imrich (vocal, guitar, piano, synths), Robert Moncek (guitar, synths), Juraj Labaj (bass) and Peter ‘Hadik’ Hledik (drums). Their debut album named simply Talkshow (2009) was critically acclaimed and marked as one of the hottest new band from contemporary indie music scene.

Their music video (released 2010) for second single These Lights made it to the fi rst position on the MTV’s chart Wishlist and stayed in for more than 10 weeks.

So far they have played festivals in Slovakia (Pohoda festival, Grape festival, Zakovic Festival, Easthetic festival); Czech Republic (Rock for People, Colours of Ostrava); Austria (On the Rocks) and as the support for the bands: The Horrors, MFMB, The Death Set, The Computers. The band is currently in the studio, recording their second album, expected to be released in 2013.


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Second album is in recording, soon to be released!