Tall City

Tall City

 Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

I play acoustic autoharp and sing along to it. Heavy emphasis on poetic lyrics, has a country feel but the autoharp adds an otherworldly touch. Some describe it as "ghostly" while others compare it to some acoustic indie acts.


Not exactly country, not exactly folk, not exactly indie...I am heavily influenced by Nick Drake, Townes Van Zandt, traditional folk music, and poetry. My lyrics make their presence felt throughout, and I speak/sing clearly and surely. The autoharp sort of surrounds the audience, I don't just strum, I pick and create harmonies and rhythms. I have been in several bands and have toured twice so far with my current band, The Nicotine Fits, which is unrelated to Tall City.


I have mp3s on Myspace (of course) and am currently producing an album for a friend in LA, using autoharp and analog keyboards.

Set List

Typical set is anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes.
Some song titles:
For Free
Follow the Flames to Her Feet
Rain on the Road
The Church Bell Sang its Song
Flowers on the Table
The Howling of the Heathens
Mother Didn't Mind
Sirens Like Coyotes
I See a Light
I Just Gave Up Countin
Your Little Flock of Freckles