Tall Cotton String Band

Tall Cotton String Band



Christopher P. Robinson
A.K.A. Chris P., A.K.A. Blind Boy Chris, picks the five-string banjo for Tall Cotton. The native Okie was raised on Red-Dirt music but grew tired of being a passive listener so a few years ago he bought a banjo and immersed himself in all things bluegrass and is now doing his best as an active participant in the musical world. Influenced by Sonny Osborne, Earl Scruggs, John Hartford, Tony, Trischka, Bill Monroe The Del McCoury Band and Woody Guthrie. Chris, like most bluegrass fans, is a walking encyclopedia of useless bluegrass trivia.

John E. Driftwood
A.K.A. Leroy was conceived immediately following the 1967 Summer of Love in Dickson, Tennessee (a little left of Nashville). His early experiences included gettin' a good Christian raisin'. His family moved to Oklahoma just in time for elementary school, and his two younger sisters drove this poor boy to play music. First, cornet in the school band, then guitar, then bass in several bands, and now guitar again with harmonicas. John thinks performing and recording are a "freakin' riot". Aside from the world at large, John is happy to list a few of his influences as: Hank Williams (all 3), Buddy Holly, Elvis and his bands, John Fogerty, Harry Chapin, Jim Croce, Jerry Garcia, Del McCoury, Gram Parsons, Michael Hedges, Todd Snider, and Jimmy Driftwood, rumored to be a distant cousin.

Joshua Philip Pitt
A.K.A. Joshua Ten Bears, thumps on the bull fiddle and sings harmony vocals for the group. He was born February 3rd, 1975 in a house on 26th and Blackwelder in Oklahoma City. Years ago the entire block was demolished to make room for a parking lot. After that day he vowed to roam the Earth until the land of his birth was free again. In addition to picking the doghouse and singing, he plays mouth harp, slide whistle, and nose flute. Some of his influences include Mike Watt, Sebastian Stienburg, Charles Mingus, and Bootsy Collins.

Sheridan Arthur Marquardt III
A native Oklahoman who swore many years ago to never plant his flag on any other soil. Though traveling to the far reaches of the Earth in search of music he will always return to his center, his home. After dreaming of playing the mandolin for years he finally decided to put aside his ego, pick one up and simply try. The intense high and euphoria he would soon come to realize was just a beginning to a magical journey that he hoped would never end. He plays a 2004 Ridge Model F and uses D'addario Medium Gauge strings. Some of his influences are Nigel Tufnel, David Grisman, Drew Emmitt, Sam Bush, Jeff Austin, The Grateful Dead, Phish, and the entire 1980's.


We have released a 3 song EP which is available for download. We are currently being played on KTCU in Fort Worth Tx.

Set List

A typical Tall Cotton set will offer a nice variety of traditional bluegrass, some newgrass, and ragtime. They trade of singing leads, but all participate in what is probably the hardest but most important part of bluegrass: the harmonies. “Without the harmonies,” says Robinson, “we’re just four guys banging around on some instruments. But if we can get the harmonies right, that’s what’ll draw the crowd in. It’s the high lonesome sound mastered by the greats, Bill Monroe, Jimmy Martin, Del McCoury and the like that we are trying to bring to Oklahoma. They set the bar. We’re just paying homage.”

Sunnyside of the Mountain
Doin My Time
Salt Creek
Blue Ridge Cabin Home
Old Joe Clark
If Yer ever in Oklahoma
You Don’t Know My Mind
Ruben James
Down The Road
Hot Dog
Country Death Song
Soldiers Joy
Devils Dream
Freeborn Man
John Henry
Nine Pound Hammer
Lil Ole Lady from Carlsbad
Midnight Train
I Hear a Choo Choo Comin
Mountain Dew