Tall Days

Tall Days


Influenced by blues-based rock ‘n roll bands and by modern alternative-rock bands, Tall Days fuses both styles together to produce there own brand of rock ‘n roll.


Formed from a fateful encounter at where else but a NJ diner, Tall Days play raw, bluesy rock n’ roll.   

Graham Hartke (guitar/vocals) and Joe DeAngelus (Drums/Percussion) write all things TALL. Samuel Frisch (bass) lends his presence to TALL events.

After years of jamming, rocking and rolling, Tall Days released their debut EP, “Long Time No Talk” in June of 2004.  The single, “Be Somebody” was spun on many radio stations across the country including Q104.3 FM’s “Out of the Box”, XM Satellite’s Unsigned and was named one of 2004’s best by WKZQ, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

After constant performing in New York City and NJ, Tall Days went back into the studio and recorded a 3-song EP entitled, “3 Short Nights”.  John Seymour, who has worked his magic previously with U2 and the Dave Mathews Band among many others, mixed and mastered the album. The EP was released in May of 2006.  The single, “Better” has been spun on numerous stations including Q104.3 & WDHA which also spun the song “Girl’s Trouble”.

10 brand-spanking new rock n roll songs were record in the Fall of 2006 and will be released sometime in 2007.


3 Short Nights - EP - 2006
"Better" has been spun on many stations including Q104.3, WDHA (5 times), and many others.

Long Time No Talk - EP 2004

Named one of "BEST of 2004" by 101.7 WKZQ
"Be Somebody" has been played on many radio stations across the country including:
-XM Satellite's Unsigned (One of the most played songs in June 2005
-Q104.3's "Out of the Box"
-Hoboken Rock City.com
-Blowupradio.com's 2004 sampler.

Set List

Be Somebody
Cornerstore Girl
Slim Harpo
Wasting Time
About To See
Girl's Trouble

Possible Covers:
Hello - Lionel Richie
Walkin' The Dog - Rufus Thomas