Tallgrass Getdown

Tallgrass Getdown

 Johnson, Vermont, USA

TallGrass GetDown is a culmination of backcountry boys that look to produce phat acoustic boogies spawned from their self-titled genre: folkalicious. This dirty, junky, funky-folk foursome strive to give their audience groovin' thoughts of dancing just a country mile down the road. So come on people now, let us take you out in the tall grass and show you a good time!

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Complaints 32, 47, & 88

Written By: John Freeburn

Don't call me useless while you're using me to get past the truth,
Don't call me speechless just cause I can't speak louder than you,
Don't call me righteous just cause I got something else to say,
And if you ain't moving forward, lord, Why don't you just get out the way.

I cannot sleep, I cannot wake, I cannot get out of bed,
Some days I'm glad for the demons that are dancing in my head,
Ask me where I'm going, I couldn't tell you where I been,
These days not even my mama could tell you what the shape it is I'm in.

Some days burn into the next, like chain-smoked cigarettes,
Some days my head gets so heavy it drags me down in toward the depths,
I'm catching bubbles, just hoping I float back up,
but just as soon as I get there I'm asking, "Someone fill up my cup!"