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By Sari Delmar

For a band comprised of a bunch of university students out of Ottawa, ON, Tallships have come far. They opened for Do Make Say Think in April and snagged a spot at NXNE. If you heard this four-track EP you’d understand why. Their ambient post-rock is closer to magic than actual music. The EP has a running time of 25 minutes and from beginning to end they violently, viciously, eloquently and passionately rock out. At times, the piano will be at the forefront messing around with scales but soon they transition to the bass steering them through their epic melodies (“MLS”). One minute your heart will be thumping to a thunder-like drum beat, the next you’ll find it fluttering about your chest dancing. It’s hard to do anything but give your full attention to this album. You must allow yourself to fully experience the emotions that these lyric-less jams unravel. When the 25 minutes are up, you’ll probably be out of breath and a little light-headed but at this point, nothing can stop you from pressing play again.(Independent) - Exclaim!


Only release has been a local recording of a practice session which has the same demo's available through the www.tallshipsmusic.com website, or at www.myspace.com/tallshipsband.



The five of us met at various stages throughout our lives, but came together as Tallships in early 2006, looking for the challenge of creating epic songs. To some this can be kindly referred to as “post-rock”. To us it’s crafting every second of every song carefully, to put our diverse musical backgrounds into a finished product that every member is proud of. Sometimes we can achieve this in 3 minutes and sometimes we can achieve it in 10.

Our influences are as eclectic as can be, from pop to folk to classical to punk to metal to rap, what we draw from is not important, the final cuts are.

We’ve been compared to Mogwai, Explosions In The Sky, Sigur Ros, Yndi Halda and Isis (among others) but it’s our drive to keep making music we like, our drive to be different than these bands, and our musical diversity that sets us apart from them.

Incorporating keyboards, synthesizers and pianos as more than background sounds, as well as using horns, bells and many forms of percussion, we establish a depth and breadth not commonly prevalent in the genre today.

The energy in which we bring also sets us apart. Our caring about every second of every song comes thorough during our live show where our passion exudes for these songs even after hundreds of times playing them. This passion is infectious.