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"Quirky, 'odd pop' quintet Tally Hall on the road to celebrity"

by Kim Silarski

"These guys are one audition away from hitting it big," said ardent fan and animator Keith Alcorn, who created the Oscar-nominated film "Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius" for Paramount.

"The self-described "wonky rock band" that makes "odd pop" has quickly morphed from frat party/bar band into an intelligent, irreverent ensemble poised for more -- including a new album and a national tour." - Delaware News Journal

"Ok Go Paradise Rock Club Review"

by Christopher Blagg

"The relatively unknown quirky pop band Tally Hall proved to be an unexpected treasure opening the show. Dressed in coordinated shirts and ties, the fresh-faced Ann Arbor, Mich., band came off like the goofy yet lovable cousin of the Click Five. Cramming an album’s worth of musical ideas into a two-minute song, Tally Hall let no genre go untouched. They wore their influences on their sleeve, blending vintage Beastie Boys with snarky new wave and Beatles-y psychedelia with uncommon ease. A hilarious and rocking cover of Biz Markie’s infidelity classic “Just a Friend” ended their set on a particularly triumphant note. You no doubt will be hearing of these upstarts in the near future. " - Boston Herald

"Tally Hall: On the Verge"

by Shane Roeschlein

"Tally Hall’s sound could be described as a jumble of words and complimentary influences thrown into a stew of clever songwriting and stellar musicianship."

"...the possibilities are virtually endless for a band with the right amount of patience and ambition. Tally Hall will be touring this summer, so keep your eyes open. This might be your last chance to catch them in a small, intimate setting." - themusicedge.com

"Brian McCollum's Music Weekend"

"Tally Hall comes from a long Ann Arbor tradition of droll, offbeat rock (see Commander Cody), its smart musical pastiches occupying a space somewhere between They Might Be Giants and the Electric Six. The fast-rising quintet distinguishes itself from the ever-crowded parade of campus party bands by wielding a set of top-end chops and a strong sense of song." - Detroit Free Press

"The Trembling Tally Hall"

"With their debut album Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum seeing release this month, Ann Arbor odd-pop band Tally Hall are set to blow. " - Real Detroit Weekly

"Reviews: Tally Hall ~ Complete Demos"

by Kevan Breitinger

Oh girls, there is a sweetness here that will curl your toes. These five University of Michigan students write music that is drolly clever and energetic. On top of that, their fresh pop rock sound is decidedly quirky, and I am a fan of quirk. Love the quirk.

The opening track, “Good Day," won first place in BMI’s John Lennon Scholarship Competition; let that information set the tone of your expectations, and you’ll be right on track. Very White Album, complete with illusory lyrics and pitch perfect harmonies; written by keyboardist Andrew Horowitz, whose other songs follow the same vein. Another of his is “Two Wuv," a creepily hilarious paean of celebrity-stalking love, in this case directed toward Mary Kate and Ashley.

Guitarist Rob Cantor’s songs tend to be somewhat more mainstream, in terms of subject matter anyhow, but the same tongue-in-cheek spirit still pervades wonderfully. An honest intelligence shines through every song: “seconds tick like boulders whenever you don’t call” and “depending on the weather, we’ll either argue in your house or outside.”

But Tally Hall isn’t limited to Beatlesque harmonies weighty with meaning; you’ll pick up on classical, hip-hop, UK, and reggae references as well, each better than the last. Just when you think you may have them cornered, they’ll swing into a joyously illogical island tune like “Banana Man." There’s a definite fun-house feel throughout the CD, with tempos, themes and tones changing rapidly and yes, successfully, at a moment’s notice. These guys are articulate and proficient musicians, with a wealth of emotional and musical references to call on from in their storehouse of delights. Check out “I Know, It’s Just the Same," with its classic grinder groove, 40’s organ burning. Where did guys this young get the deep sweetness that twists so tenderly and maniacally through each one of these songs? Uh oh, there go my toes again . . . . Get this CD while you can still walk. - Indie-Music.com

"Hangin' Out With Tally Hall"

by Aaron Kaczander

"(Tally Hall) is the scrupulously color-coded, inanely well-spoken band of college cronies that have staked iconic status around Ann Arbor with their brand of deliciously catchy rock music."

"...profound, banana slingin’, megaphone rockin’ harmonies..."

Full article at:
http://www.michigandaily.com/vnews/display.v/ART/2005/04/07/425512a0a9f9e - Michigan Daily

"Tally Hall is marvelous"

by Brian McCollum

"(Tally Hall) has released one of 2005's most striking debut albums..."

"On 'Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum,' the quintet's magnificent musical masterpiece, you'll find a vivid sonic array that, by design or happenstance, seems to reference every entry in the pop encyclopedia..."

"This is pop patchwork at its best, and Tally Hall's flexibility is its path to a place both innovative and distinct." - Detroit Free Press

"Tally Hall plays the Blind Pig"

"Yeah, it's pretty early in 2006 to be saying this (Jan.5), but if you see just one show this year from an eccentric, quirky folk, funk, rock fivesome, maker sure it's the one coming up Friday night at the Blind Pig by Ann Arbor's Tally Hall." - Roger Lelievre, Ann Arbor News

"MMMM CD Review"

"Having already reached iconic status in their homebase of Ann Arbor, the band is now poised to conquer the hearts of power-pop enthusiasts everywhere with their debut album Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum. The record is action-packed with everything from pop ballads to shimmy-inducing reggae to harmonious Zappa-esque rock, exhibiting quirkiness while skillfully avoiding kitsch territory."

"The skillful organization of the album allows it to deliver 50 minutes of pitch-perfect orchestrated pop music." - Claudia Quiros, Washington Square News (NYC)


The Complete Demos (Nov. 2004)
Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum (November 2005)


Feeling a bit camera shy


TALLY HALL is a wonky rock band based in Ann Arbor, MI.

wonky /wong´kee/ adj. [slang] Specifically connotes a malfunction that produces behavior (or music) seen as unusual, humorous, or amusingly diverse. See funky, demented, bozotic, tri-harmonious, tally hall.

Since their formation in December 2002, Tally Hall has reached what the Michigan Daily calls “iconic status” in Ann Arbor, playing to sold-out crowds of enthusiastic followers. Tally Hall first gained national attention when keyboardist Andrew Horowitz won the 2004 John Lennon Scholarship Competition, presented by Yoko Ono and BMI, for writing “Good Day.” Since then, with the support of the über-popular www.albinoblacksheep.com, Tally Hall’s music and related videos have attracted an unprecedented amount of internet attention. Tally Hall has become an underground phenomenon, receiving radio attention, record label offers, and attracting much industry attention. The band recently completed their debut studio album, Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum, which was released nationwide in November 2005 on the Quack!Music label.

Tally Hall is:

Rob Cantor (Yellow)- Vocals/Electric Guitar
Joe Hawley (Red) - Vocals/Electric Guitar
Andrew Horowitz (Green) - Vocals/Keyboards
Zubin Sedghi (Blue) - Vocals/Bass
Ross Federman (Silver) - Drums

Booking- Erik Selz, Red Ryder Entertainment, redryderent@aol.com.

Press Kit @ http://www.quackmedia.com/index.php?s=press

Friend Tally Hall @ www.myspace.com/tallyhallcom