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"Ecstaticpeace signs with Universal-Thurston signs Tam"

Ecstatic Peace Signs with Universal
by Colin Stutz | 03.07.2006

In February Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore signed a distribution deal between his independent record label Ecstatic Peace and music industry goliath Universal Records.

Since Moore formed Ecstatic Peace in 1981 to release the live Sonic Youth documentary Sonic Death, the label has put out more than 100 records—all artifacts of the progressive, avant-garde, underground punk and modern music scenes. Releases have included acts as diverse as Japanese noise artist Yoshimi (of the Boredoms), improvisational weirdos Jackie-O Motherfucker and the always enigmatic, mysterious and defiantly anti-commercial No Neck Blues.

The deal will allow Ecstatic Peace to manufacture and distribute through Universal’s Fontana Distribution service as well as sign and develop in joint venture with Universal Records proper. Moore and business partner Andrew Kesin will remain closely connected to all label decisions as President and General Manager respectively.

Estatic Peace’s first releases through Universal will include debut records by Brooklyn based power blues-rock trio Awesome Color, Montreal singer-songwriter Tam, and Pagoda, the outfit led by actor Michael Pitt (Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Bully, Last Days).

Ecstatic Peace will continue to release exclusive limited edition records, CDs, DVDs, books and other goodies from its website.

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"Up and Coming :Tam"

Up and Coming: Tam
By Chris Rolls
July 11, 2006 at 12:39:00 PM
Lo-fi aficionados, shoegazers, and noisepoppers rejoice! Tam has surfaced to fill your ears with music that is nothing short of brilliant.

Tam When I discovered that Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace label signed a deal with Universal, my heart sank to new depths. A cold sweat claimed my aging skin and my stomach turned with anxiety. (A similar physiological chain reaction occurred when Volkswagen began harvesting tunes by the Orb, Stereolab, and Nick Drake, or even further back, when Nike plucked Lennon's electrified "Revolution" and images of William S. Burroughs.)

Over the years I have watched monolithic record labels destroy great bands and independent labels. So, the question becomes: Can the great Thurston Moore wrestle with the enemy while ensuring that Ecstatic Peace releases will retain the experimental, underground-warehouse feel that so many crave and expect. Well, if Tam is any indication, the answer appears to be yes (at least for the time being).

Who is Tam? Well, she is a seasoned musician who started out in a Django Reinhardt cover band. She then moved on to an Oasis cover band. Eventually she switched over to her own songs, aided by various other players, and released them under the moniker The Butchershop.

More time passed, more music was released and performed, and then Tam turned her focus toward ensuring that her (and her groups) music fell into the hands of Thurston Moore--a dream that thankfully led to Tam, a collection of Tam's songs complied by Moore himself.

This collection is nothing short of brilliant. Lo-fi aficionados will rejoice at its tape-hiss-enveloped simplicity; shoegazers and noisepoppers will praise the nods to late-eighties and early-nineties aesthetics. Even the covers are fantastic; the Arcade Fire's "No Car Go" gets a Pixies-esque reductionist treatment, while "Incest at Best," from Victoria's Daddy's Hands, sounds like a less narcotized Royal Trux.

Thank you, Tam; thank you, Ecstatic Peace; and yes, thank you, Thurston, for pushing more fantastic music into our collective ear holes.

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"Tam Boston gig"

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Tam | Ecstatic Peace

August 8, 2006 1:55:46 PM

I can’t quite put my finger on what it is about this debut from Canadian singer-songwriter Tam Isabel Pardo — who goes by just her first name and got her start learning Django Reinhardt tunes and playing in Oasis cover bands — but I can’t stop listening to it. Maybe it’s the songwriting, a sort of poor man’s version of Exile in Guyville–era Liz Phair. Maybe it’s the nonchalant charm of Tam’s vocals, which are out of tune half the time. Maybe it’s recording engineer/multi-instrumentalist Johnny Souranis’s ragged lo-fi approach, which fits her songs and voice like a glove. Maybe it’s curious moves like opening the 17-track album with three covers: a delightfully shambling version of Arcade Fire’s “No Cars Go” and two songs by the obscure British Columbia metal band Daddy’s Hands. Maybe it’s all of the above.
Tam + Dana Kletter + Dania Shapes | P.A.’s Lounge, 345 Somerville Ave, Somerville | August 12 | 617.776.1557

On the Web:

- The Phoenix

"Tam-Take What You Need"

"Take What U Need" (Ecstatic Peace!)
By Ray Cummings

Print Article| E-mail to a Friend| Paginate This Story Jul 6, 2006
All over her self-titled debut, Tam sings like she's loaded or a few hours removed from that state, and the music is just as drunk — a colorless Ax UPR speeding up a ramp to the proper RPM at the outset, only to reappear later (tumbling and then ramping and then tumbling again), and a cool synth ray-gun gargle phasering at the end. Tam is bravely lurching through the college-rawk chords while all of the above is going on and issues a friend's warning and a carnal invitation mixed into a lethal Long Island iced tea: "It's a sweet violation/Please don't do it again/You will lose in the end..../Take what you need." - miaminewtimes.com

"Ecstatic Cling"

Ecstatic cling

>> Montreal’s Tam on signing with Thurston Moore and cover-song complications


Tam has been a fixture on the local scene for years, having cut her teeth in the ’90s playing rhythm guitar in Swing Dynamique, the Gypsy-jazz tribute to Django Reinhardt featuring the late, great Mike King. She later switched to rock, with Tam & the Vampires gigging around town. Having signed a contract with Thurston Moore’s label Ecstatic Peace last year, Tam releases her first CD for the label this week.

With Sonic Youth’s Moore picking various songs from her many demos, things do jump around on the self-titled debut as far as production and style go. The lack of cohesion works in Tam’s favour, though, as synth-pop blends with Britpop, while experimental noise occasionally comes up for air. Tam manages to merge Nico, Exile From Guyville-era Liz Phair, the Shaggs and her new label boss’s band with ease, but at the same time is able to get down to the brass tacks and deliver a catchy hook.

Mirror: I thought the cover of Arcade Fire’s “Nocarsgo” was a strange pick.

Tam: Well, I have been a big fan of the band since before they got famous. I jammed once with Win [Butler] and figured out one of their songs, but his wife Régine got jealous so we didn’t play together after that.

M: What was their reaction when you told them you wanted to release the song?

T: I gave him a copy of the song after I recorded it and he said he wasn’t exactly thrilled about it, but he said he didn’t mind.

M: Didn’t you also use some demos from the Unicorns that you wrote lyrics for?

T: Yeah, I did three songs. Nick [Diamonds] was subletting my apartment when I went to Manchester and the CDs were laying around when I got back, so I just asked him if I could write some lyrics.

M: How did Thurston Moore become interested in you?

T: I had met him years ago when he did a solo show at Sala and I gave him a demo, hoping I could open for Sonic Youth. I never heard back from him, so I just kept sending him demos. I went to New York to see another solo show he was doing and met up with him there, and then I started e-mailing him for a couple of years. He said he was going to shop it for me to major labels, but ultimately he just ended up putting it out on Ecstatic Peace. He took all of the songs I had been sending him over the years and picked the 17 that he thought were the best. It’s kind of weird because he picked some songs that aren’t too relevant to me now. But at the same time, I’m really grateful that he took the chance to put it out.

M: How come the record took so long to come out?

T: It’s really a blessing in disguise, because Ecstatic Peace just signed a deal to be distributed by Universal. I had four songs by [Montreal band] Daddy’s Hands on the record and Dave [Wenger, singer] was pissed off because they were going to release it at the same time. It got really messy, with Dave e-mailing Thurston, and that’s what kind of held it up. Dave and I are friends again, but we had to take two Daddy’s Hands songs off of the record and now there are only two.

CD launch with guests at Barfly on Tuesday, June 20, 9 p.m., $5

>> Music Listings

- Montreal Mirror


Tam cd released on Thurston Moore`s label Ecstatic Peace. July 2006.
www.ecstaticpeace.com(search under store for tam)


Feeling a bit camera shy


see www.myspace.com/tamofvampires
for more mp3 s and videos thanks!
for bluegrass

Tam first began playing professionally as rhythm guitarist in Mike King`s Django Reinhardt cover band, Swing Dynamique. They played over 200 shows and jazz festivals in Montreal and Canada until leader Mike King hung himself. Six years later she left jazz to front her own punkrock band doing Oasis covers and Tam originals. Had various genious back up members over the years including Go Van Goghs Johnny Souranis on bass, ex Nils drummer Eloi Bertholet, and second vocalist Andy Nesvadba, all based in Montreal. With Andy they were called The Vampires. Tam is a rare female guitarist and vocalist, who plays anything from jazz to bluegrass to "punk" rock! Tam also performed Carter Family bluegrass and old time traditional songs regularly at Barfly bluegrass nights and at The Wheel Club. Tam toured solo Uk in 2002, playing Night and Day, Star and Garter and Blue cat in Manchester. She then was invited to stay with dj/producer Arthur Baker in London, after being hired by Uk/qc marketing company Someone Else international who brought her back to the uk. Tam opened for The Unicorns in New Jersey, then hosted her the Tam Show on ckut 90.3 fm radio. Tam s band The Vampires had been playing a weekly gig at Pasalamany bar in mtl, when she was approached by Daddy`d Hands leader Dave Wenger to learn his material, which she did, and they worked together. Afterwards, She got signed to Thurston Moore`s label ecstaticpeace,for her originals. The label got a major distribution deal with Universal in the Uk, North america, germany, australia and Japan. Thurston released one self-titled TAM cd. Tam toured solo in North america in 2006 and is presently working on solo cd. Despite the contract for Tam s first release, Tam is seeking a new label for her recent solo material as well as the bluegrass stuff she recorded.
Tam has been invited to do a double bill with Lee Renaldo of Sonic Youth at Text of Light in october in a museum, for which she is presently working on visuals to project at this performance.