Tam has a-one-of-a kind, underground sound, incomparable to any other! She was one of Thurston moore`s favorite singers/guitarists when he released her TAM cd on his label. 1- 4 band members. Tam performs her original songs as well as Carter Family/bluegrass trads from time to time.


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Tam first began playing professionally as rhythm guitarist in Mike King`s Django Reinhardt cover band, Swing Dynamique. They played over 200 shows and jazz festivals in Montreal and Canada until leader Mike King hung himself. Six years later she left jazz to front her own punkrock band doing Oasis covers and Tam originals. Had various genious back up members over the years including Go Van Goghs Johnny Souranis on bass, ex Nils drummer Eloi Bertholet, and second vocalist Andy Nesvadba, all based in Montreal. With Andy they were called The Vampires. Tam is a rare female guitarist and vocalist, who plays anything from jazz to bluegrass to "punk" rock! Tam also performed Carter Family bluegrass and old time traditional songs regularly at Barfly bluegrass nights and at The Wheel Club. Tam toured solo Uk in 2002, playing Night and Day, Star and Garter and Blue cat in Manchester. She then was invited to stay with dj/producer Arthur Baker in London, after being hired by Uk/qc marketing company Someone Else international who brought her back to the uk. Tam opened for The Unicorns in New Jersey, then hosted her the Tam Show on ckut 90.3 fm radio. Tam s band The Vampires had been playing a weekly gig at Pasalamany bar in mtl, when she was approached by Daddy`d Hands leader Dave Wenger to learn his material, which she did, and they worked together. Afterwards, She got signed to Thurston Moore`s label ecstaticpeace,for her originals. The label got a major distribution deal with Universal in the Uk, North america, germany, australia and Japan. Thurston released one self-titled TAM cd. Tam toured solo in North america in 2006 and is presently working on solo cd. Despite the contract for Tam s first release, Tam is seeking a new label for her recent solo material as well as the bluegrass stuff she recorded.
Tam has been invited to do a double bill with Lee Renaldo of Sonic Youth at Text of Light in october in a museum, for which she is presently working on visuals to project at this performance.


Chameleon Heart

Written By: Tam

My Chameleon Heart
doesn`t know where to start
so we`re living apart from each other
But I know where to go
when I`m feeling alone
To the devil and all of his brothers.
Lock me up honey
with all of your money
it`s off my head
from the wrong things I said
oh oh oh

It`s harder to stay and to make it ok
so I`m leaving on borrowed dime

Here and Now

Written By: Andy Nesvadba

Mind is spinning round and round
sittin on the doorstep digging the sound
Feel the icy water underground
cuz anytime anyplace else is never better than
Here and now with you

Well who signed me up for the holy war
Tell you which side I`m fighting for
Guess it don`t matter anymore
cuz anytime anyplace else is never better than
Here and Now with you

Somewhere along my way to school
I figured out something that just wasn`t cool
they`re using the bible as a tool
and anytime anyplace else was never better than
Here and Now with you


Tam cd released on Thurston Moore`s label Ecstatic Peace. July 2006.
www.ecstaticpeace.com(search under store for tam)

Set List

If solo, 2 sets of 12 original songs or so with guitar, drum machine (and korg keyboard if possible)more recent material than what is on present released Tam cd.
Any covers are of Carter Family, Nick Cave, Jesus and The Mary Chain, New Order or Daddy`s Hands.