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Vancouver, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Vancouver, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Pop Rock





Tamara Seeley – Brave Together (Official Video)
Taking the U.S by storm and now expanding to Canada is South Australian singing/songwriting sensation Tamara Seeley, and on top of the successful run in the states, Seeley has just released her new music video ‘Brave Together’. (See Below)

Tamara Seeley Releases Video for latest single ‘Brave Together’

The song is number one on her latest album ‘Gold Armour‘ which is available on iTunes now, And we can tell you it is fantastic, Combined empowering lyrics, great music and Tamara’s amazing voice and you have got the brilliant EP ‘Gold Armour‘.

The Album is brilliant from start to finish, the highly talent girl from Mount Gambier, takes you on a journey through her life and the importance of not letting negativity beat down your dreams, It has a real pop/rock vibe with soulful & emotional lyrics that will have you wanting more, A true inspiration to anyone.

Gold Armour – EP – OUT NOW!

1.Brave Together

2.Gold Armour

3.Release Me


5.Visiting Hours in Heaven

The album is available now RIGHT HERE and you’d be crazy not to get it!

Also don’t forget to keep updated and subscribe to her Official YouTube channel HERE and her official Facebook page HERE

Tamara Seeley Music Page

So without further ado, hot off the heels of her latest album Gold Armour, Here is Brave Together from Tamara Seeley…

Stayed tune for our exclusive interview with Tamara Seeley…COMING SOON! - Eye New Entertainment

"Generosity needed to kick-start career"

HOPING for a kick-start to her solo career, Mount Gambier musician Tamara Seeley has called on the support of family, friends and the wider community to help her record a selection of self-penned songs.

Currently in the process of writing five original tracks for an EP, Tamara has turned to the crowd-funding site Kickstarter in the hope of raising the money needed to produce her first independent release.

Having set a goal of $10,000, she is well on her way with $5700 in a deadline of April 30.

Kickstarter has allowed Tamara to offer rewards for pledges, ranging from personal thank you messages on social networks, signed copies of the finished product, as well as private acoustic shows.

"It's a good way to build a wider audience around what you are doing," Tamara said of the site.

"There's not a lot of money in original music.

"It's also rewarding for the people that pledge because they are getting a product for their money."

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Tamara said it was an "all or nothing" gamble, with all pledges refunded if the $10,000 target is not reached by the deadline

"That can be seen as a little bit risky or daunting, but I like it, it creates urgency," she said.

"The response has been amazing.

"It's not about someone giving you a large amount - the small pledges are just as important as the large ones.

"If I can get 400 people to pledge $25, I will reach my target."

Tamara said she had hoped to have the EP completed within six months and is researching producers and studios to work with.

"I will have to go away to record it unfortunately because we don't have adequate facilities down here," she said.

"I'm hoping to have it out before Christmas, maybe November.

"I don't want to promise anything earlier because there can be so many different hold-ups in the different production stages."

Taking influences from a broad range of artists, Tamara is hoping to build on the interest created by her first single Release Me, which was launched in August of 2012 with an accompanying video clip.

"I really like the pop rock sound, so artists like Kelly Clarkson, Adele and Pink, but I'm also a fan of the classics," she said.

"I love AC/DC, Pearl Jam and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

"I try to listen to as much as I can, there's always something you can learn.

"Music isn't meant to have any boundaries."

It has been a whirlwind journey through the musical world for the 31-year-old, which started at the age of 15 at a Hamilton boarding school.

"My best friend Elena overheard me singing along to the radio and encouraged me to audition for the school musical," she said.

"Sure enough I went to the audition, landed a part in the show and instantly discovered my passion for music.

"From that moment I have never looked back."

In recent years, Tamara has travelled the world singing on a Disney Cruise Ship and performing at five star resorts in Qatar and South Korea.

Eager to leave her mark in the industry, Tamara will continue to pursue her goal.

"I don't have support from a record label, I'm not a former contestant from a TV show with a back story - I'm an independent artist," she said.

To support the Kickstarter campaign or view the progress, visit www.kickstarter.com/projects/931877675/tamara-seeleys-debut-ep

For more information or to hear Tamara's music, visit her Facebook page. - The Border Watch

"Tamara Seeley On Being Brave"

Listen to the interview: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/avaliveradio/2015/09/17/episode-258-ava-live-radio-behind-the-music-with-jacqueline-jax
Jacqueline Jax logo photo

by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Challenges herself by…
continuing to learn. I don’t ever want to limit myself by not continuing to learning new things. I like to challenge myself by going to vocal/songwriting bootcamps, and getting advice and guidance from industry professionals.

Biggest fear…
not singing anymore! I’m afraid of surrendering to the fear and giving it up, because those thoughts have definitely crossed my mind.

Success is…
to do things from a authentic place. For me, success is taking ownership of your dreams, and creating a message that is a ‘True’ reflection of yourself. Doing things on your own terms, and not comprising on your morals is also very important. Success is producing work that you a proud to call your own.

A success story that you she is particularly proud of…
Last year, I launched a Kickstarter campaign so I could fund my first independent release. I spend months working on this campaign, and all the hard work payed off! It took just 4 weeks to smash my 10K target, and I ended up raising 12,500. “Gold Armour” is currently South Australia largest funded music project on Kickstarter! It just goes to show when you believe in yourself, and you put the time and effort to make it happen, anything is possible.

Life goals…
I want to keep singing and writing! My next goal is to do a tour of Canada/USA 2016. Later on down the track, I want start a family and be a ‘rockin momma.’

I challenge myself by…
taking vocal lessons, which makes me sing outside my comfort zone! I also like to collaborate with other artists, because there is always something different to learn from someone else. When I move to Vancouver, I’m going to buy an acoustic guitar and teach myself how to play it. It’s never to late to learn an instrument!

Starting in music…
To be honest, I stumbled into music. Growing up, I was a little tomboy playing every sport under the sun. Even though I used to sing with my dad, belting out Rod Stewart’s classics, and singing into my hairbrush whilst dancing around my bedroom, music wasn’t on my radar. Then when I was 15, I went to boarding school in Hamilton where I was exposed to the performing arts. My best friend Elena over heard me singing along to the radio and encouraged me to audition for the school musical. Sure enough I went to the audition, landed a part in the show, and instantly discovered my passion for music. From that moment on, I have never looked back.

Brave Together…
when I was working a nightshift job that I didn’t enjoy. Going to this job everyday made me feel like I was pushing my dreams to the side. I was listening to that voice in my head telling me that I couldn’t do it! I was at a point where I was thinking “Should I quit music all together?” But there was always that small part of me that still had this burning desire to keep going, so writing this song was a real empowering moment for me. It has revitalized me, and I’m ready to keep fighting for my dream!

Her new album…
is my debut 5 track EP entitled “Gold Armour”, which I released a few months ago. It has a real pop/rock vibe with soulful lyrics, and I’m so glad I finally had to courage to share it with the world. Edgy title track “Gold Armour” tells of the importance of not letting negativity beat down your dreams, while “Visiting Hours in Heaven” was written about a dear friend who passed away when I was 18 years old. The goal for this EP was to share my journey, and not just the good, warm fuzzy stuff. It was really important for me to write from an authentic and vulnerable place, because I feel like that’s what connects with people. It is humbling to know that people are relating to my music. I have had so many messages and conversations with people saying that they have felt the same way that I did and have gone through similar experiences.

When she is not singing…
I love to watch/play Netball! My inner competitive tomboy needs to surface from time to time. I also love to travel. I’m originally from Mount Gambier, South Australia, and I recently moved to Canada. I have been travelling around Alberta for the past 2 months, and I’m heading to New York soon for a week. In early October I will be based out of Vancouver.

The music industry…
can sometimes be overwhelming, especially as an independent artist! You deal with a lot of rejection, so self doubt can sink in occasionally. I just try to stay grounded, and keep moving forward, knowing that I’m doing my best.

Social media…
is great, as long as it is used in a positive and uplifting manner. I come from a small town in South Australia where you feel like you are removed from the rest of the world, so I love to use it in order to keep in touch with the rest of the globe.

Singles or an album…
I’m for both! Being an independent artist, releasing a single is more affordable, but an album allows you to showcase more of your versatility as an artist.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
Sia! She is such a gifted artist & songwriter, and I have such a big soft spot for her, because she is originally from South Australia. Because of this connection, I feel like can relate to her. I understand why she performs with her back towards to audience. Sometimes as artist you want to be heard, not seen.

Music video creation process…
I have been very fortunate and blessed to collaborate with some very gifted and inspiring creatives. My dear friend, Marcus Jones, from the film industry worked with me on my kickstarter campaign and music videos. He gets my vision, and just has a way of bringing my ideas to life. Building solid and authentic relationships is where the magic happens! I can honestly say that every single person that I have worked with on my debut EP “Gold Armour,” are all people that I admire and respect. I even got to work with my cousin, Leery Southern, who is a very talented body/makeup artist. Using the gold body paint for my album cover actually inspired me to write “Gold Armour.” - American Pride Magazine

"Going it along: Life as an independent muso"

Going it alone: Life as an independent muso
By Kate Hill On a rainy Monday afternoon, a petite blonde is wearing an AC/DC singlet and juggling a takeaway coffee and a stack of posters as she sweet talks a Mount Gambier cafe owner into advertising her event.
Just days away from the launch of her first EP, Tamara Seeley has learnt that life as an independent musician is not always glamorous.
There's no record label or marketing manager on hand for this 32-year-old singer songwriter, but she wouldn't change a thing.
Going it alone is sometimes hard work, but rewarding, she said.
A year ago, Tamara relied on the generosity of friends and strangers to fund her first independent release, raising more than $12,000 on an online crowd-funding platform.
More than 150 people stumped up between $5 to $500 to fund her cause.
Writing and recording the five track EP cost about $14,000, a large sum of money for a girl who still relies on a part-time bar job to pay the bills.
But Tamara said a quality product was important to her.
"You can produce home jobs through your computer or you can spend millions," she said.
"I wanted to do a really high quality album and it costs a lot of money to do it."
Growing up in a world where the average MP3 player contains $800 worth of pirated music, most of the general public have no idea of the true cost behind their favourite music, Tamara said.
"They don't buy music, they download it," she said.
"They have no idea how much work is behind it too - a lot of people just think it's easy."
"You just turn into a gigging machine"

Tamara said today's aspiring musicians can choose to go it alone, instead of relying on being discovered or signing up with a record label.
One thing that has been made easier for artists by the rise of the internet is exposure, Tamara said.
Platforms such as Facebook and YouTube are perfect vehicles for savvy artists to market and promote themselves to the masses.
Returning to her hometown of Mount Gambier in 2012 was the best thing for her music career, Tamara said.
"I want to do my own music," she said.
"If I keep going on the cover band circuit, I'm never going to do it, you just turn into a gigging machine."
Other local artists are sharing that view, including Beachport country music singer Leah Briggs and former Mount Gambier resident Adrian Holmes, both launching independent albums and EPs in the next week.
Tamara has been through the merry-go-round of 'gigging' and singing someone else's music.
Throughout the last 10 years she belted out classics at five star resorts in the Middle East, did a stint on a Disney cruise ship and has sung back-up vocals for Right Said Fred in London.
Auditioning for Australian Idol in 2007, Tamara said she was now happy she didn't get past the second round, saying 'it's not for everyone'.
"For me, music isn't a competition," she said.
"You're only in competition with yourself. You should be bettering yourself, practising, writing better songs, that's what it's about."
"For me, success is doing your own thing and owning it"

Her best advice for keen young musos is simple: 'work your arse off'.
"Surround yourself with good people, don't buy into hype and work on your artistry. If you make something that good, people won't ignore you.
"It's a lot of hard work and you have to really want it."
Tamara now defines success as 'being authentic'.
"For me, success is doing your own thing and owning it. Not saying 'I'm going to write a song because I think that I'll be signed to a record label'. It's about writing the truth and writing songs that connect with people."
The five songs on her new EP reflect her life, she said.
Visiting Hours in Heaven was written about Elena, a dear friend that passed away when Tamara was 18.
Coincidently, Elena was also the one who kick started Tamara's desire to pursue a music career, after convincing her to try out for a part in the school musical at age 15.
"Life does change," she said.
"You think you know where you're life is going to go and that you're going to be friends for ever and do this and that.
"I've wanted to write that song forever."
Singing it live for the first time this Friday night in front of an audience of family and friends will be an experience to remember, Tamara said.
"To launch it in your home town when you've had a lot of support, singing the songs live for the first time, it'll be pretty special."
Tamara will launch Gold Armour this Friday at A Night on the Green at the Mount Gambier Golf Club at 7.30pm. - ABC South East SA


'Gold Armour' EP - April 2015

'Release Me' Single - July 2012 



Tamara Seeley is a seasoned Vocalist / Writer who throughout the past 10 years has supported award winning artists like Hoobastank and Toploader in front of thousands at Doha’s Big Day Out, She has also performed alongside Australian Idol runner-up Shannon Noll and sung back-up vocals for multi-platinum selling Ivor Novello award winning English band Right Said Fred in the UK.
Having Launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2014 to fund her very first independent album release, it took only five weeks for the girl from South Australia to hit pass her target of $10,000.
And with one of South Australia’s most successful music funding projects behind her Tamara Seeley’s new EP Gold Armour was launched at a live concert in March of 2015 and streamed online to fans and Kickstarter supporters around the world,.
(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsRmvdd4I24), < -------- EMBED
The Album was then released on the 1st of April 2015 and made available through Itunes.
The pop/rock singer songwriter best describes the EP as a reflection of her journey in life so far. The title track ‘Gold Armour’ tells of the importance of not letting negativity bring down your dreams no matter what, And track five off the album ‘Visiting Hours in Heaven’ is a very emotional song about a dear friend who sadly passed away when Tamara was 18 years old. Tamara’s songwriting ability has been recognised by ‘Unsigned Only’ 2015 where she is a semi finalist for her hit track ‘Brave Together’. The official video for this song was released at the end of August 2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qC-h38WO1Cc.
Gold Amour follows off the back of Tamara’s popular 2012 debut single and music video Release Me, which sparked a collaboration with world renowned dance techno DJ/ Producers Paul Mendez & Sammy B to write the hit single ‘Feel The Rush’
The track ‘Feel The Rush’ was such a success on the label DOS or Die Records that it was heavily featured on numerous dance compilation albums and remains popular to this day.
(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iwl6jtJ8R1I) < --------------- EMBED
Tamara is currently living in Vancouver and since her move from South Australia she has performed in LA, Calgary & New York City.

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