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I Promise

Written By: Tamara Batarseh and Jim Robinson

Verse 1:
I can’t promise you a rainbow
I can’t promise you blue skies
Won’t tell you, that you’ll never cry again
I can’t promise you red roses
I can’t promise butterflies
But I promise, I’ll be your friend

And I promise you
I’ll be here
To walk this road of life
Through the sunny days and moonless nights
And I can promise you
A listening ear
To your questions when you’re scared
Of this journey that seems to lead nowhere
I promise I’ll be there

Verse 2:
I can’t promise you your daydreams
I can’t promise shooting stars
Won’t tell you that you’ll never feel alone
There aren’t always happy endings
To the chapters of our lives
But I promise, I’ll be by your side

Life’s not a fairytale
This is for real
This world is so uncertain
Just hold onto me